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  1. :cheerleader:

    I'm not sure how many of you played the cult classics Fallout 1 and 2, and if you didn't... do.



    so far there's only concept art for F3, but if the graphics come out anything like the art, then I'm all for it


















    So yeah, they're releasing the trailer tomorrow, and hopefully there will be some in-game footage.

  2. This is awful. No replies? Tut tut tut. Yeah, anyway, they ARE the 80's. True Faith, Blue monday, Temptation, and more recently ( thanks for sending the track ) Crystal, 60 miles per hour etc. Great band!



    ( They were originally Joy Division, too. )

  3. Got it a few days before release. It was leaked all over the place. Yeah, you're right... it's creepy, very creepy.



    Especially that part in the tunnel... with the mind controlling mutant. Looking back after hearing that loud as hell scream...*shudder*


  4. Aw, after further inspection on my stores site...


    Welcome to Swin City.


    Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May!


    The Free Comic Book Day Committee has released the information and images for all of the titles to be included in 2007's Free Comic Book Day, May 5th.


    Comics are limited to one per title (as listed below) per customer.


    Get to the shop early on the day as we are sure to run out!

  5. 10. Is this just happening in the U.S.?


    Any comic book store in the world can participate in Free Comic Book Day, although there may be some limitations on which titles are available in which countries due to licensing and other considerations. If you want your local store to get involved, let them know


    My nearest Comic shop is Swin City ( ...As it's in Swindon ) http://www.swincitycomics.co.uk/ Though, it's quite silly really. They had a competition to see who came up with the best name for the comic store, and they picked Swin City, although this isn't a city, it's a town. But it might be changed into a city in the next few years... Good little shop anyway. I might head over there and see if they've got this free stuff happening.

  6. Wow, haha.. just reading their names has brought it all back. Which one was Modo? was he the one with sunglasses? I remember one had antennas ( vinnie ) one had an iron arm, and wore blue armour, and one had a leather jacket i think, with sunglasses.



    Sorry, they all had antennas, just his were red.

  7. I've got S.T.A.L.K.E.R, it's a fucking kick arse game. The graphics aren't exactly phenomenal, but what can you expect from a game that first announced production in 2001? It's a vast game, there's an underground map that i was stuck on for about 4 hours, couldn't get out of that shit. The whole nuclear disaster thing disturbs the shit into me, the atmosphere is eerie has fuck, it's great. I suggest you get it, both Jont and SOF. (Just get a better computer SOF, even if it means you have to infiltrate, any means necessary! )

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