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  1. I will definitely swap oranges. I sold a few of my recent crop for some Nook Miles, but there should be at least six left on my island. Um...I am usually playing my time, between 2AM and 4AM. I'm not sure if that's compatible with you. Let me know. I wish there was a way to send mail to people that haven't been on your island. Still at 4 stars. Boo. I've thought about time traveling but I just haven't done it yet. I might here in a minute. Finally caught a fucking scorpion. Ryan fixed the drift in our controller so it isn't quite as hard to catch bugs. Prior to this I'd get stung
  2. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the concert. It takes place while I'm sleeping. I am up to four stars now, which makes me happy. Still chasing that elusive fifth. If Isabelle were an actual person, I'm sure she'd be sick of me.
  3. Well, had a KK concert. Island is 3 star. I did put up some fences, but they were hedges so I placed them in random spots and they just look like bushes. I apparently need more DIY decorations but I'm running out of recipes. I've used all the ones I like and I don't want to start throwing beds and clocks around town. I'm hoping I can score some good ones in the daily message in a bottle. Managed to catch a mahi-mahi, which was cool. I've got two ramps left to build until every cliff area on my island is accessible. Played around with the island editor tool and gave every house a little stone a
  4. I'm still having fun with it. I finally got to Bamboo Island. Actually, twice in one day. So I've got bamboo growing. Still haven't made it to different fruit island. Boo. And still have managed to catch a cricket. Catching bugs is hard for me because our Switch controller is wonky and the joystick pulls to the left. I need to replace it but those things aren't cheap. I haven't paid off my current loan because I've been concentrating on infrastructure. My goal has been to fund a ramp and/or bridge at least once a day. I'm about halfway thru having built everything I want to have. My island has
  5. I have a play list! Synthwave
  6. Do hedges count as a fence? Cause I've seen some screen shots of islands with lots of hedges that was pretty attractive. Oh, and just putting up fences around the houses too.
  7. Got my ladder. Further in debt. New villagers! Museum has been built. I'm still having trouble catching a cricket. I'm slow. Took a trip to a mystery island, and I fished up nothing but trash. I'm still trying to take a trip to a place with bamboo or fruit different than mine. I really regret selling the peaches my 'mom' mailed me. Ugh.
  8. I have obtained a copy! Two days in: I've paid off my first home upgrade, collected some wisp pieces for a ghost I met on a beach, passed out after being stung by a wasp, passed out after being bitten by a tarantula, planted some coconuts, plowed my way through innumerable shitty tools, and am wondering how to get a ladder so I can exploit the rest of my tiny queendom.
  9. Jumped on the band wagon. Didn't see any reason not too. An interesting look at how someone's morals can be slowly eroded. I think the only innocent people here were some of the employees.
  10. Oh, I am so jelly right now. Goddamn kids and not disposable income. Blargh!
  11. I'm right there with you, Nick. I don't have a lot of skill, but I could enjoy some kickball. Also...ermm...as a kid we used to play smear the queer...I realize that's a terrible appellation, and I would personally call it something else these days, but for the sake of explanation I choose to use the colloquialism. Any rate, I'd be down to play some more of that too.
  12. I saw this earlier today and I have to agree. It looks fun.
  13. Well, it looks fucking beautiful. And I read the Wiki article, which makes it sound like a fairly standard RPG. However, I dunno how I feel about there not being NPC's. Dungeon after dungeon after dungeon can get boring. I mean...even Torchlight had some of NPC's. I would like the story to be less complicated than Dark Souls...though that ridiculous narration doesn't give me much hope. This is definitely something I'll play though. The graphics and the genre have already got me salivating.
  14. You know, I actually found the Manson stuff to be more of an afterthought in the film. It was more or less a, yeah this thing is happening only because it's mildly important later. Honestly, they could have replaced the Manson stuff with random people and it would have had the same effect, though it would have made all the Tate-Polanski stuff pointless. It's the knowledge of what actually happened that makes it important. Ryan pointed out that the Manson stuff is not what the movie was actually about and I have to agree with him. The movie is not without it's flaws. It's a lot lon
  15. Speaking of Gamma World, our characters are created and you have had ample time to read the literature, sir. Can we please fucking play? I have three extra days off the last week of this month, so I see no reason why we shouldn't.
  16. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I admit, there was a flutter in my gut when I saw this thread title.
  17. I just don't feel that any of the stories are...bleak enough. They don't have that gut wrenching sense of strangeness that the first couple of seasons did. Plus, a couple of them have happy endings and one has no discernible ending. Also, I felt the second one didn't really address the role of technology in our lives much at all. If you're bored, there are worse things to watch. But it doesn't compare to the early stuff.
  18. Finished the other two. My opinion is still a very solid meh.
  19. 1st episode: Meh. It's an interesting premise, but too many tropes. Others forthcoming.
  20. Handheld with a crank! So, yeah, I was scrolling through Vice and spotted that gem. Seems like its main selling point is the novelty of it. That being said, I still think I might purchase one should their supply of systems match my supply of funds.
  21. I loved this show. However, it does wrap things up fairly nicely.
  22. Renewed for season three!! Also, is it weird that I just realized the doctor is whats-her-face-Yates, the romantic lead from DS9?
  23. So I'm almost two years late to this game, but I signed up for a free trial of CBS just to watch this series. I'm not loving it. It doesn't feel like Stark Trek. To be honest...it doesn't feel much like anything. It got very serious, very soon and I'm not really feeling the characters. It seems as if they're trying to convince us of too much too soon. That being said, I'm not hating it either. I guess I haven't formed an opinion either way. But, I'll keep watching. At least until the free trial is over.
  24. Ok, hold on now, I don't object to cleavage on a moral basis. Ask Ryan, I fucking love cleavage. It just seemed...out of character for Grayson. I dunno, I really like Bortus. He's grown a lot as a character and that dead pan humor that they hit us with is great.
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