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  1. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross need to do more OST's.

  2. You must die, I alone am best.

  3. Ah fuck off...

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    2. the division of joy

      the division of joy

      Ah thank christ, I never thought you'd leave.

    3. HypnotizinChikns


      you mean you thought i'd never leave.

    4. Bindusara


      I've already done that 5 times today, do I have to again?

  4. Nah, i went blind when you went to shower. Cheers for that,

  5. Dear Anonymous, we'll never forget you.

  6. I've been cut before, a fence did it to me, i was climbing over it, and i fell and impaled my leg, nothing you can do can compare to that kind of pain!

  7. That makes it sound like you air hump...

  8. I have done... Though my extravagant teadrinking and cooking means i'm so not ghetto which makes me wonder why i hung my head in shame in the first place..

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