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  1. I think in terms of pop culture impact, Pulp Fiction is the clear winner. The other 2 have had definite impacts on the 25 years that have followed it, but there's been so many nods, references and influences from Pulp Fiction its crazy. 


    That said, I think Shawshank is the best film of the 3 for my money, but its bloody close.

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  2. So, having only seen GOTG 1 & 2, Black Panther and Ant Man pre Covid, I've been watching through these again in chronological order. 


    Highlights have been Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant Man, Spiderman: Homecoming and pretty much any of the Avengers films have rocked, with Ragnarok being one of the funnier films I've seen in a while. Korg needs his own film. 


    Low-lights have been the first Captain America film and sadly Black Panther (both times I've seen it now) didn't really hold my attention at all.


    I've only got Captain Marvel, Endgame and Far from Home to watch, but I kinda regret sleeping on the series as a whole, as two (in my opinion) misses out of the whole bunch is exceptional going.

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  3. https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/02/westworld-fallout-amazon/


    Reference for credibility.


    I have initial excitement, but its seeping more towards scepticism about how this will be done as lots of Video Game to Screen adaptations have been based around something with a set enough story, whereas fallout is extremely sandbox with a lot of theme rather than being too story heavy. It could work in the favour with the volume of creative freedom also as the Westworld folks did a phenomenal job setting up the Westworld world, it just ran out of steam (in my opinion) as it moved beyond the setup and developing all the threads they built.

  4. On 5/14/2020 at 11:15 AM, FireDownBelow said:

    Well, had a KK concert. Island is 3 star. I did put up some fences, but they were hedges so I placed them in random spots and they just look like bushes. I apparently need more DIY decorations but I'm running out of recipes. I've used all the ones I like and I don't want to start throwing beds and clocks around town. I'm hoping I can score some good ones in the daily message in a bottle. Managed to catch a mahi-mahi, which was cool. I've got two ramps left to build until every cliff area on my island is accessible. Played around with the island editor tool and gave every house a little stone area, built a pond, and put a light house on a cliff. And I'm looking forward to Lief coming again cause I want all the flowers. And I am still in search of an island with something besides oranges. Not a whole lot going on, but if anyone ever wants to visit, just let me know!

    Will swap oranges for my never ending collection of pears & apples?

  5. One of my favourite things about kraftwerk is that after 40 years, Florian split from the group because of artistic differences. For such a groundbreaking and innovative band, I'd love to have heard his threshold as to what made him quit.

  6. I'm getting to the point where things are slowing down a bit for me. Trying to tick off some bits and pieces (90 out of 100 caught in a row lost to a sneezing fit hurts).


    I do get my KK show soon though despite only being a 3 star island.

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  7. Yeah, I did that too, when I was in my sell everything mode. Also, as someone who loves fishing, trash Islands are the worst. Absolute worst!


    I myself plunged into over 2 million worth of debt at the weekend to get a basement I haven't got adequate furniture for.

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