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  1. I'll do it eventually. I'm off to touch myself in bad places and watch Oz. Not at the same time mind you, thats just creepy.
  2. How about rather than that, i put up a rapidshare link for each album so others can quickly download em?
  3. I honestly couldn't even begin to quantify which one is important to me as its all depending on my mood and such and it would change tomorrow. But as far as a block 25 of albums go, that would be it.
  4. In no particular order, that is just ridiculous to put them in order of importance... 1 Nas - Gods Son 2 Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol.1 3 Muse - Origin Of Symmetry 4 Muse - Absolution 5 Arcade Fire - Funeral 6 Arcade Fire - Neon Bible 7 65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas 8 Way Out West - Intensify 9 The Raveonettes - In and out of control 10 Bjork - Medulla 11 Sigur Rós - ( ) 12 Sigur Rós - Takk 13 Sasha - Involver 14 Hybrid - I choose noise 15 UNKLE - War Stories 16 Portishead - Third 17 God Is An Astronaut - The End of the Beginning 18 God Is An As
  5. I wouldn't mind knowing what my one actually meant...
  6. Someone may have to explain mine.
  7. I've seen phantom, could've sworn I voted for the fact that I did...
  8. Different cultures I guess. I've seen little bits of grease, but not enough to say I know what happens in it and have seen it properly. Musicals just aren't my thing at all though...
  9. I think a ticking the box for the ones you have seen could've been more appropriate option for me
  10. It was right then that I thought baytor was getting gayer and gayer by the day...
  11. Kidney beans and anything of that ilk make me sick. The texture of it is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
  12. It was typed while quite drunk, I don't think there is meant to be a dead after the butterfly effect, but city of god is that good And we'll agree to disagree on transformers.
  13. My massively unsorted list. Lord of the Rings trilogy Shaun of the Dead City Of God Memento The Pianist Donnie Darko No Country For Old Men The Butterfly Effect Dead Inglourious Basterds Transformers Gladiator Training Day Black Hawk Down Mystic River City of God The Aviator Collateral Munich Crash The Departed The Last King of Scotland There Will Be Blood Michael Clayton Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Oldboy The Dark Knight Memento District 9
  14. Most of my friends have it and thus I play it a lot online. It hurts to do so
  15. Its true though. The AI in it is woeful. Both it and the latest pro evo are gaping wastes of time
  16. The most recent fifa was dog shit. MW2 is where its at for me these days.
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