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  1. Is there any actual point in putting george "look at my nipples" clooney up there?
  2. I've had don't stop believing in my head all day to day.... Its annoying at this stage.
  4. Mudslides are awesome. So are espressotini's.
  5. same strength, if anything, irish mist would probably taste a lot better. aplogies about my lack of whiskey knowledge, its not my poison. rum however.. rum is yum still a pussy
  6. I thought it was irish mist, not canadian mist, but as far as i know they're near enough the same thing. pussy
  7. says you who can't handle a bit of irish mist
  8. Well i'd say they're bitch drinks, but i dont mind stuff like a mojito or what not, but to say mixing whiskey and coke is a bitch drink isn't on, in my opinion.
  9. They're both very good bands?
  10. Ah, i didn't think we had a thread for this, my bad.
  11. Maybe after me and SOF call the visa office in august you can... Until then, you get nothing!
  12. To be fair, i couldn't really care less about the movie, and the fact that its not out here for another few days concerns me less.
  13. I bought early both times, why should i care that you're unfortunate.
  14. The joys of buying early m'dear
  15. I saw this over the weekend (mostly because it was delayed over here because of a real life incident similar to the movie) and dear god, i was blown away by it. Myself and ASC saw it, and for the last hour or so, we were both gripped by it. Its easily the best film i've seen all year. Fantastically shot and acted. Anyone else got any thoughts?
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