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  1. Anything higher than 98 or even around there works for me. I bought at that and it's slid down to 61 slowly but surely over the week.
  2. The ladder comes with a bit more days put into it. Took me a while to get it myself. Not long after the Plaza gets a renovation I think. Also is it possible to sell Turnips on different islands.... Cos my prices are spiralling down and I put about 500k bells into them.
  3. I really like her. She's got an excellent voice which I think that Bad Guy doesn't really show off too much. I think a lot of why she might be deemed annoying is that she isn't another in the long line of young talented female people to even consider relying on sexuality in their arsenal of talents.
  4. Kinda mocking. Nothing malicious intended. Agree its a nice to have, not a need to have here.
  5. Yeah, its jumped to 97 this morning and the predictor is looking like tomorrow morning is the time to sell. What an emotional roller-coaster. @alive she criedSee the Simpsons image at the top of this page for (relative) context.
  6. It went to 35 in the afternoon. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't plough a solid 400k worth of bells into it on my first go. I'm hoping it'll hit the floor hard and bounce.
  8. This is depressing (Also got it wrong, it was 51 not 58 on Monday PM)
  9. Happy the eggs are gone. I can get back to my humble life as a river fisherman. I swear, every "fish" in my island river was a fucking egg. Also, buy turnips for 109. Go to Nooks Cranny the next day. 55 and then 58. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  10. I can't cheat Tom Nook like that. Also, had a fun encounter on Craggy Island. Islander 1 - "Did you hear Hornsby is sick and can't leave his house, you should go over and check if there's anything he needs" Me -
  11. I slept in late on Sunday and missed the turnips. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  12. Girl / She. The campaign manager seems like someone who isn't completely batshit also.
  13. The most annoying thing about this is that when I'm navigating Amazon Prime Video, it has a yellow outline around it, and it makes me think my cursor is over it. Not actually watched it mind you, but I needed to highlight this.
  14. I caught a motherfucking coelacanth! Seabass need to seriously fuck off tho.
  15. Sunday is when my Turnip adventure begins. I for one cannot wait to play the game of turnips.
  16. Binged 4 episodes last night. Honestly, if this documentary didn't exist, I wouldn't believe anyone who tried to tell me the story of this. This is hilarious and sad all at once. Also, the most disconcerting thing for me is, why the fuck are all these people talking on camera. Does shame not exist once you start touching baby tigers or something?
  17. 100% agreed. There's a load of BS instagram riddles doing the rounds also at the moment.
  18. Ah excellent. Will play around with that shortly.
  19. Appreciate the offer. Will likely plough ahead myself and learn for now. Airport has just opened up and Gulliver's parts are found. This game is awesome relaxing and addictive. I just wish I could find iron chunks for sturdier tools.
  20. And why not make the other fifth supermods. We just feel left out at this stage.
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