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  1. Who gets to be the forum Micah should it all go wrong?
  2. I want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
  3. I bought this ages ago, but am yet to really play it. .... Is it finally good?
  4. I feel like Taystee ended the show as the star/MVP/GOAT character. The final season also did something peculiar and made Piper kinda likeable again.
  5. You'd bitch people out for saying tl;dr in other places....
  6. Abandon snark. Favour RAW FUCKING AGGRESSION.
  7. I'm started watching Chernobyl last night at about 9.30pm my time with the intention of being in bed and asleep by 11pm. At 12:30am, I was still awake watching the credits of the third (and most recent) episode of Chernobyl. I cannot recommend it enough. In terms of other stuff I'm actively watching: Easy S3 RuPaul's Drag Race S11 (and by association, Untucked S11) Have 1 episode left of Barry S2 to watch Am at a bit of a loose end as Bobs Burgers and B99 wrapped for the season and Broad City wrapped for good.
  8. Jokes aside, probably the best ending that could have been done with an extremely uneven season.
  9. I'm loving this, Bill Hader is fucking excellent in this as is the guy who plays Noho Hank. I've last weeks episode to watch (as I've been consumed with GoT and GoT related excitement) this week and its shaping up to be another excellent season.
  10. PAUL WALKER IS ALIVE! But apologies. I think we all got excited for the upcoming episode.
  11. I made the awful mistake while being in the states recently of picking up a bag of what I thought were going to be chilli heatwave Doritos (red bag in Ireland) and not thinking too much of it and nearly being violently sick everywhere when it turned out to be Nacho Cheese Doritos as I find they taste of how feet smell. That would put them firmly at the bottom of any list of this kind for me.
  12. The amount of dead links in this thread make me oh so sad.
  13. At what stage does it cross over with Resident Evil and go full mutant?
  14. I watched the first 3 resident evil films over the weekend because I'm a fan of bad acting, Ali Larter (which is essentially bad acting) and really shitty CGI. Also they're mindless fun when suffering dental pain.
  15. Its the Great British Bake Off.... For real though, I fucking love Bake Off/Show. As you said, I've learned stuff from that from baking techniques to flavour combinations (some what and what don't work). I love anything that Gordon Ramsay does as while he comes across like an angry cunt, its out of passion of wanting places to not sell absolute swill to people. His work on Junior Masterchef is adorable and something I can no longer watch with my Fiancee as it harms her ovaries with cuteness.
  16. You had to ruin a potential 4 in a row with music from wicka wicka wild wild west, didn't you. I was put on to this band recently, and they're great concentration music and just great in general.
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