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  1. You had to ruin a potential 4 in a row with music from wicka wicka wild wild west, didn't you. I was put on to this band recently, and they're great concentration music and just great in general.
  2. I really liked the ambition of this and how it could potentially influence how other films try to be inventive. I particularly loved the soundtrack to it all I feel bad that Will Poulter's appearance was targeted and quit social media because of it. People are just the worst.
  3. Will this turn our poop green rather than black?
  4. I really liked Apostle. Again, not as scary as the trailer makes out, but I got a really nice vibe of The Wickerman from it. There was a good deal of actual suspense from it and it wasn't predictable or prone to tropes as some horror films tend to be nowadays. I also watched Calibre recently on Netflix. Not a bad film at all, more a thriller than a horror if I'm to split hairs, but suspenseful all the same. And deliciously awkward in parts.
  5. Their employees will remember this....
  6. I am 100 percent all in on this album being amazing.
  7. I fucking love The Ringer.... 2010 going to black swan irks a bit, I didn't feel that was in any way a horror (but it must be said also that I thoroughly disliked the film upon re-watch). 2010 was the year of Trollhunter for me.
  8. Word to this. Its perfect for when you're overwhelmed by choice on netflix.
  9. I feel like this should be pinned to the front page of the forum.
  10. Ah excellent. I'm planning on getting to this after I finish BoJack this evening.
  11. I'm all in on the hype train on this. Also, going back 2 years. Nick listens to nothing or nobody about anything good. Apart from Axels.
  12. Pretty much all their videos are absolutely incredible. This is another of theirs that was beautiful, quite recently.
  13. 100 percent would eat. 110 percent would get black poops.
  14. Fucking sold! Arch ruining stylish pieces of canvas that they are
  15. Stupid people will always find a way to up the ante of stupid. On the second point, I've never found much nike apparel I've enjoyed, but I'll be definitely putting more of an effort into doing so now. (ftr, I love my adidas and questionable background puma)
  16. So Nike knocked it out the park. Additionally, Kap won a ruling recently for his case to go forward which is awesome.
  17. In the wake of one of the better Republicans passing I can only say one thing. Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck. Donald. Trump.
  18. So in the name of self scouting, I can look back on this and say I probably just needed to adjust to what I remembered the anarchy fest of a few years ago to us all growing up a bit and call a bit of bullshit on myself.
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