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  1. The "it's poop, but it goes a lot deeper than that" line made me laugh/cough so much I got light headed.
  2. S1 of this show absolutely fucked. Like, beautiful satire of stuff like making a murderer. Am dying for season 2 but fear it won't have the same catching people out goodness as s1
  3. This came on my spotify discover last week and I've probably listened to it 10 times since. Awesome song.
  4. So I'm all up in my XBONE's grill. Gamertag is "Rossmcd86" for anyone who is interested in how often I play stuff from the EA Access vault.
  5. The more I'm watching the more flat and almost one note most of it feels. Its a real shame given the wealth of talent that is voicing it all. I do think there's potential though to turn it around if there's actual character development and some non-farcical situations thrown at it should a second season be ordered for it. I'm finding the character animation really good, but some of the backgrounds/set pieces to be a bit clunky. I'm also loving the music for it.
  6. The one before mine now was both negative and educated me about cognitive dissonance. You fuck.
  7. So I've watched 3 episodes of this and I quite like it. It's quite visually slapstick which is unusual for a cartoon, but is quite trope heavy/repetitive. I'm not sure there'll be a lot of character development or meaty story to get into, but it's good animated popcorn.
  8. you trynna say Gamora is more than a mopey, rigid sidechick to Star Lord?
  9. cos of all the dads it fucked..... Really really fucking hard not to echo the condescending argument mentioned. Has there been much in terms of public backlash against this from anyone prominent? Because I can't see how people sat down together and thought that this was the best solution to an issue. Why they can't split it out a bit like the Emmy's (Best comedy/drama etc) I'll never know.
  10. For me, I think Baytor hit it out the park with number 1. I'm still relatively toe-dipping with comics, and I feel that relative value for money helps. I like that the walking dead comics would do this (albeit while still doing the weekly issue or so) for every story arc or thereabouts. It helped give more of a natural rhythm to what I was reading. I think, for me anyway, there's that much choice out there its almost intimidating as to what to go for in terms of picking up something new, or dipping into something old. Its like introducing someone who knows nothing about beer to a g
  11. So, I didn't mean it earlier in the thread, but I do now. Ah fuck off.
  12. That's fair. But I do feel like now I'm back a bit, I'm almost walking on eggshells with what to post
  13. Terrarium is an illegal streaming app that links to a Chromecast
  14. I'm team Netflix and use terrarium for what I can't get on Netflix. Some of the OC on Netflix is garbage but on the other end there are things like Big Mouth, Orange and 4 seasons of House of Redacted that have been worth the monthly alone. Only one I'd consider would be Amazon as they've some sweet shows I like, such as marvellous Mrs maisel.
  15. Was legit not being serious. But y'all can't take jokes any more I guess, so where are my 3 warming points (Hondo's Inc dollars?) Amber said it about as good as I can.
  16. Its just quite a recent thing to notice athletes using their position to try enact social change. Its been going on for a while over this side of the world.
  17. I'm interested to give it a go. If its half as good as original simpsons or Futurama, I'm sure it'll at least be good. I love both Abbi Jacobson and Eric Andre, so on that alone, I'm happy to watch. I also think it has some voice work from some of the Mighty Boosh people also, which is another plus for me.
  18. I'd be on Team Eamonn here. I got maybe 4-5 eps in and felt it was just another extension of the MacFarlane comedy tropeism. I partially blame South Park for ruining his style of comedy for me.
  19. The fuck is Toxicity doing so low!! Also, are incubus really nu-metal?
  20. Oh wow. I didn't even know that was a thing. Am now listening out of morbid curiosity. Holy fucking black metal!!!
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