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  1. How dare we let people have their own opinion! Other than The Beaver that gibson did a while ago, he's done absolutely nothing of note in the last few years other than commit career suicide.
  2. I have noticed that there is an extreme amount of just unwatchable shit on netflix if you delve deep enough. Hopefully that stuff gets culled.
  3. I absolutely love J. Tillman and everything he does. This song is so so beautiful.
  4. Do we eat them all individually?
  5. I may or may not have binge watched all of S4 at the weekend.
  6. I want, nay, need Firewatch. I do refuse to pay as that much for it though as its a short short game.
  7. I'd give that film all the oscars if I could. Its fucking unreal.
  8. Saw Trumbo last. It was truly exceptional, telling a story I knew little about. Cranston played a blinder as is to be expected.
  9. We could run it as a multi-headed operation with a few people who use IG regularly having access to it? I'd happily do some stuff for it, even if it is just photography of Ireland/beer/food.
  10. This came out of nowhere. RIP Hans Gruber. You are perhaps the best bad guy in the best christmas film ever.
  11. Ryan Adams does an amazing cover of the whole of the latest taylor swift album, in other news, I heard this the other day and loved it.
  12. Don't make me get my bandwagoning ways going again.
  13. Yeah, I'm sorry for having my own opinion on things.
  14. Cartel Land was one of, if not the best thing I saw all year. Other stuff I saw and digged was: The Lobster The Martian Inside Out Train Wreck (Fucking awesome, went in wanting to hate it, came out loving it) Star Wars (Not a trekkie at all, but I loved it) Sicario Amy Straight Outta Compton Am super fucking excited to see Anomalisa at some stage early this year.
  15. Wasn't for me. Did get a giggle out of feminism being explained to a bunch of women though. Generally not a fan of the way things like that are done, though.
  16. I think my best cinema experience was probably the LOTR trilogy. Just was wowed from start to finish as a teenager. My worst was seeing some stupid jump scare horror film with my ex 2-3 years ago and having her go into hysterics every time the movie wanted to scare people. I was quite embarrassed.
  17. With 0 of the personality or hilarity.
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