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  1. This show is hours of drunken nerdy conversations. I constantly wish I was in the room so I could toss in $0.02 or correct someone. Like, I know that Picaso didn't paint the Mona Lisa. Bindy.
  2. When I see your name, I want to call you Mr. Spice Girl.

  3. Holy shit you have the same birthday as my mother!

  4. right on. i was making those rather than doing my job at bank of america at the time, so i dont have my original copies anymore. i was just wondering who far i got on them. hopefully it can get worked out and we can have stuff editable and neato sooner than later. also, sorry for dropping in all of the sudden and necro-ing thread after thread. ive been a way a while.
  5. yeah sorry about that. hes a cough you'll never get rid of.
  6. did we lose all those magic cards?
  7. one could easily script the irc into the place of the shoutbox as a java thingy or whatever, and then those who just want to browse the shoutbox and those how are more comfortable can chat in the same place at the same time. It's what we did for my gaming group site. Just sayin.
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