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  1. Happy Anniversary loco.

  2. Yeah, so unless you live underneath a rock here in Miami, you know the Heat are playing Dallas in the Finals! After losing game 1 and 2 in Dallas (reason enough to wait to start this thread), they came back home and took game 3! D. Wade had 42 points and played like a beast! We need a sweep here in Miami to even have a chance in winning the championship! Ok people, discuss...
  3. MM, your frickin' good with that shit! You do some! Come on, lets get 'em goin'!
  4. Outta town? Smoothie Convention? Yeah, that sounds cool! Get ahold of Alex!
  5. Jax, I'm down to get together and play! I think I'll have it by next week, so if you can wait till then...
  6. Man, GH is on my list now! Since that night at Nick's, I've been dreamin' of that shit! The one thing that was holding me back, like MM, was the price, but I'm gonna get it no matter what! No Metallica for Part 2? Come on people!
  7. My first boss is a zombie (duh)! He be yellin' "I AM BAYTOR!!" the whole fight!
  8. You know that all artist's shit gains value once they die! Panch RPG'll get passed around at my wake for 400 bucks a peice! I plan to live for ever by-the-way...
  9. So I finally found RPG Maker 3 for PS2 and 'Panch RPG' is under way! Yup, when I'm done with this then we'll see about gettin' it on Hondo's! We'll see... (if it takes half as long as it takes me to get a web-comic out then we're in trouble)! Everybody on Hondo's will be in my game! EVERYBODY!! MM'll probably be the last leader (just kidding)!
  10. You know, the world doesn't revolve around Hondo's and sometimes you run into real people! I'd like to make a thank you thread for them! So shout-out Mom, Dad, Mailman, Pimp, whatever! So, here goes... Shout-out to Big Jamican Rick from Pompano for helpin' me out when Sandy's tire went out on the turnpike! Crack-heads where swarmin' and Rick hooked it up without even askin' for a dollar! When I offered him some money he told me (in his Jamican accent): "Poot dat moneh back in yo pocket an' do me ah beeg fava an' go 'ome to bed."! Thanks Big Rick!
  11. Nick, I guess you can lock 'em and throw 'em where ever you want! Just leave and pin the tie-breaker one! Thanks man!
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