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  1. I'll take #88, #99, or #31 if possible, if not just randomly assign any two digit number, that will be fine.
  2. glad to hear your life is easier, you deserve better. You worked way too hard, not to have things easier for you. Enjoy that life. -Danny

  3. I'm surviving, man. Doin' better than I was a few months ago. I fucking miss you, man.

  4. I hope your doing alright man, Take care.

  5. Here's to better times with better peoples. Keep on Rockin'!
  6. I'm slipping in my old age. I forget that the friend of my enemy IS still my enemy. Everything has changed now. Happy Birthday Spycer. Clearly your the better man, things will never be the same. I believe my time here is now done. I'll retreat to friends that actually have my back, and defend what it means to be Danny. May your wife-beatings grow like the mighty oak! Burn in hell. Good-bye everyone, I've really enjoyed it, and I'll miss you all. -danny (d.fluff street dancer)
  7. I picked this game up, and started the tutorial. Havn't gotten to the actual game yet. It does have such a cool look, though.
  8. Hell yeah, there's nothing like comic collection porn.
  9. I feel ya, right. The answer to this thread is everything else besides what I own.
  10. I could get you all of Preacher, Rising Stars, and Y:the last man.
  11. The "absoule"'s, no. I don't. sorry. If you want you can refer back to the pictures of my collection and pick from that if you want. To be honest I've only been able to run across the vol.1-4, and 10. I saw one of the absolute's the other day, and was astonished by its girth. If I end up getting them, I'll let you know, and ship them to you as soon as I'm finished. -d.fluff By the time I get these, You'll already be back and within driving distance. Why are you askin'?
  12. PM me your address, and I'll loan you a certain amount of tpbs that your wanting to read, if you'll send them back to me. Sound Fair?
  13. I don't understand the basis of this idea.There are things I'm really trying to complete as we speak, but This is like asking a crackhead if he'd like more crack. I can help but do you really want me to?
  14. Keep up the good work. Nobody knew who "spycer" was when I nominated him "best villian" for the Hondo's awards, but your really helping fill out his virtual image.

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