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  2. Kinda want to go see these guys in concert this month... but $50+ for the seats I want.... hmmmm........
  3. i love this thread!!!!! KAWAIIIMTALLL
  4. just heard the "Migetsune" song is pretty badass.
  5. YESSSSSS I think my favorite part is how they dance! it's just so awesome.
  6. I have witnessed first hand the shitiness Nick/ Hondos have gone through these past few months and especially this week; I can say that Nick has tried his best in keeping this board up. It sucks that data got lost, but the important thing is that Hondonians made connections this past year and are more than happy to return to continue those social links. HOly shit, I've been playing way too much Persona 3. Anyway, glad to see people around. Let's give this new server a chance and hopefully no more tears of sorrow or loneliness from Hondonians! Let's us rejoice in community and drinks! C
  7. I am usually pretty good at predicting shows, but Breaking Bad has always stumped me! I seriously have no idea how it will turn out - I CAN'T WAIT!
  8. ahahaha!!! that's a good one, also I like the pinky and the brain jpg!
  9. Thank you Carl Sagan. Now I know why there are "Things With Faces". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiNKt6gcEM8
  10. I'm listening to the new album on spotify as I scroll down to Axel's post, I was thinking immediately, "EXACTLY!!!"
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