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  1. So you're deleting entire birthday threads now like they never existed... that's a little D-baggy... not sure who's being the more passive aggressive here... something to think about... so much for reminiscing... less and less left...
  2. Found this video very charming
  3. Harlan Ellison, Award-Winning Speculative Fiction And TV Writer, Dead At 84 This is another one that hurts. One of the Greatest Sci-fi writers ever... it's hard to say anything about the guy without selling him short. He seemed to be everywhere, worked with everyone and had his fingers in everything. A man of immense vision and a massive pain in the ass. "Contentious" doesn't even come close, to hear even his admirers describe him, but many, including myself, still found him endearing. Beloved for his work, There was lot. It seemed that at every pivotal moment in the development of
  4. Hey, I have all 3 Batman vs. Predator series in individual first run print and graphic novel form... and they all made as much sense if not more than most of the 'official' films. I don't expect there to be a 'canon' to this franchise.
  5. yeah, it's not like the creators ever described their efforts as 'a spiritual journey' and encouraged people to make an emotional commitment to the whole franchise... that sounded way to snarky and bitter... how about: What's to get upset about? When did the Aliens and Predator franchises ever pretend to make sense? They try and crank that crazy-dial to 11 every chance they get. Hell, we're just one massive space-fleet battle away from the sci-fi insanity trifecta with these films.
  6. You know, I find this attitude rather bizarre for a bunch of convention-goers.
  7. Well, academically, it kinda is important: an actual cultural milestone. Star Wars literally jump-started modern fandom. There were always authors and series with cult followings, Asimov, Tolkien, etc. but it was the commercial success of Star Trek that brought them into the forefront of popular culture. Heck, it wasn't until after the success of the first film that Roddenberry was able to convince studios that the torch-bearers of Star Trek were a viable market and was able to engineer a resurgence. Star Wars is the template and artists, writers and media conglomerates have been trying to emu
  8. It's guaranteed to make bank ...though personally I would still like to see Spidey kick around the afterlife with two dumbass rockers in tow
  9. That's the brilliance of replacing them with the cat and dogs. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 40 million on a 1993 budget with a 87% on rotten tomatoes. A similar return on today's budget and It's guaranteed box-office gold!
  10. Spider-man's Bogus Journey Home There, I fixed it, happy now? Trade-in the two dumbass musicians and give him a fucking Cat and two Dogs as sidekicks and it's a guaranteed moneymaker.
  11. I suppose I say I kinda do and don't give a fuck about this new series. I both want to and I can't, which makes me sad. This new series wants to be Star Wars so bad that it's clubbed it over the head and is wearing it's face in some sick pantomime. I do give a fuck over how I don't feel I give a fuck when I feel I want to give a fuck. Like I've been denied giving a fuck and am very unhappy about being blue-balled. I don't give enough of a fuck that I feel I should. A diet fuck, all the feels, half the cares. At this point, I'm just in it to improve my communications skills. Can I properly conv
  12. Do we know if the new Spider-man films are set before or after Infinity war? Well, if he's still dead by Thanos I would like to see Spider-man's Bogus Journey
  13. Not sure if this going to work in this day and age. Just more privileged white people complaining about first-world problems. It's a catch-22 because to do otherwise will be seen as pandering. It just doesn't seem like a good time for it. In the age of president shithole, less seems funny. Also, since I didn't want to put it on The Handmaiden's Tale thread since I've never seen an episode, I'm sneaking it in here; I didn't title it, read it first before you flog me: Women Are Evil so did you actually read it?
  14. I never said I owned it; we were all invited to participate and emotionally invest in this intellectual property and I feel burned by what has happened to it, so I'm done. And from the numbers coming off of the Solo film it would appear that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Sure, TLJ may have made 1.3 billion at the world wide box office, but it burned the franchise doing so. Future entries to the continuity have been suffering ever since and I don't expect things to get better for them for a while. True, it is with no small amount of satisfaction that I point out one of the most
  15. You know, I'm actually trying to be thoughtful and serious here, fuck you. The filmmaking artist solicited the audience into making an emotional investment in his product, then enticed that audience into forming a perpetual fanbase in the hopes of eliciting more money out of them through marketing, merchandising and careful control over continuity and content; controlling the narrative in perpetuity. It was a noteworthy accomplishment. It created the very concept of the modern multi-media franchise property. There was nothing like it before; closest you had were Saturday morning ca
  16. Gee; it's almost like the deliberate decision to divide the older fan base had led to the inevitable consequence of people picking and choosing what they like and shunning the rest. Looks like they can't guarantee the same levels of profitability from their spin off material after deliberately pissing off so many, boo fucking hoo. Even watching the original heroes get crushed would have been infinitely preferable to watching them just not matter in the grand scheme of things. ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Suspended After Tepid ‘Solo’ Box Office: Report
  17. Doesn't make sense. I'm honestly not sure what they could change in a remake to make it... rewarding? Satisfying? Vindicating?. The problem I had was with the premise of the overall setting; they'd have to do a lot of shoehorning and retconing to fix that. How could you make it appealing to a loyal following; how do you somehow satisfactorily explain just how badly things became so screwed up to where everybody from the original trilogy had their lives utterly ruined and their spirits completely crushed to the point they all decided to just fuck off and still leave the fanbase feeling enriched
  18. I don't have netflix, I'm surprised at the number of shows that keeps me from watching.
  19. I wonder what types of characters people are playing now too. In Pathfinder I'm running a straight up Bard rocking a composite longbow; in one 3.5 I've got a Rogue/Streetfighter with dual shortswords and in the other I got a greatsword wielding Cleric/Paladin/Warpriest. I rather like Pathfinder, it's a shored-up iteration of 3.5 that simultaneously keeps, and even expands, the versatility of 3.5 while simplifying many of the more convoluted rule-sets. And I was tickled to discover that they're still printing the 3.5 books after the way Wizard tried to strong-arm the abysmal 4th edition onto us
  20. Anybody still into tabletop gaming nowadays and/or currently playing? I miss these threads where we get swap stories. I attend a Pathfinder and two 3.5 DnD campaigns at a local game store up here in RI, games alternating weekly; I play every Tuesday and Thursday night after work 7:00 -10:00. I guess I just needed to be out of the house.
  21. This is suppose to be satire, right?
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