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  1. ...is this thing onĀ 

  2. aaaaand we're back!

  3. note to self: keep better backups between now & 2024

  4. you can tell this new server was made in america, cause it's about as reliable as my truck

  5. come back, Genroh! you've been missed, man

  6. We're so indie now *insert loggins joke here*

    1. Keth


      Careful man... you're treading dangerously close to the Danger Zone.

  7. there goes the neighborhood

    1. Gravijah


      you have only yourself to blame.

  8. Welcome to Hondo's Bar! introduce yourself over in Town Sqaure when you can, read the F.A.Q. make yourself at home without peeing on the rug, etc.

  9. Welcome to Hondo's! I'm sure you're a good person, despite Logans and all. Say hi over in Town Square & make yourself at home.

  10. Wrapping up part 2 of the History of Hondo's podcast this week, then some editing & the project should be done.

  11. i'm a little late here, but: the answer was yes.

  12. ~Baby come back, you can blame it all on me/I was wrong, and I just can't live without you ~

  13. that's right! post more, whore! do it to spite chi-chan!

  14. i see you, axels.

    NO YOU CANNOT HAVE THE LAST TWO. make peace with being a sub-100 man! you don't see me crying.


  15. mondays & tuesdays...you never ask me when you're sober though, so we will have this conversation again next week, heh.

  16. happy birthday, man! hope this growing page of shame reaches you.

  17. yeah, i'm mostly better, but she's still kinda sick...maybe next week, but my days off switch pretty soon too. holla!

  18. i don't understand, i thought we already had a fashion corner, bro.

  19. happy birthday m'man, gonna pour some liquor out for you tonight.

  20. week 5 - recovery week! a merciful blessing, before Losifer & I go into the remaining weeks & kick it into high gear.



  22. status updates..you should use them, man.

  23. happy birthday, man! just wanted to remind you if you ever see this: you're missed over here.

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