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  1. so there's one thing about this that might put a damper on it for me. it's been really cool to see a push for accessibility in recent years, but i can still look at font size/choices in things like disco elysium and see how that's gonna be a pain for me on a big screen, and entirely unplayable on anything smaller. it's a quiet issue of mine with the switch - i've a sizeable JRPG backlog, but i can't play some of them for long due to the screen's size, which itself isn't bad but it's not like here on a browser where i can just increase the font size as needed. granted, i understan
  2. still can't find that demake thread, maybe we should make another? anyway
  3. couldn't find if we'd had a thread - anyone else enjoy watching speedrunning & other challenges on SGDQ? ill try to post a few classics later, the Ninja Gaiden pacifist challenge in particular blew my mind years back.
  4. so with nintendo & sony both out of the dedicated handheld lane, this is kinda interesting - had no idea valve was working on this, but the specs seem cool? stick placement less so, but interested to see how this plays out. aside: man, the pandemic sent handheld stuff through the roof, so this is some good timing
  5. finally caught up on my queue of monthly stuff again, trying out other books Monsteress - really need to make a thread for this one; i'm 10 issues in and it's just fantastic. the art is amazing, the entire world/lore are crazy interesting. i'd be surprised if this one never becomes an animated/show. ill try to sum it up better in said thread, just dark fantasy stuff with so much world-building going on, but in a way that i really look forward to where the journey leads (even if it's always going to be bloody). We Only Find Them When They're Dead - tried t
  6. yeah, like how this one wrapped up, not sure if non-comic fans will dig it though?
  7. yeah i'm leaning in that direction too - influence is a whole other question, but if i'm gonna put one of those on today, it'd be pulp fiction
  8. so this was an old argument that i wanna say came up here forever ago in some form - 25+ years later, which do you think was the best picture?
  9. Marvel Alters WandaVision Finale Post-Credit Scene It seems Disney and Marvel have altered the WandaVision finale post-credit scene as a mysterious caped figure can be seen. www.comingsoon.net Timestamp is 45:50. https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb/video/ec21d421-f9fa-4a0b-8705-da87dacbdd29
  10. totally taking suggestions here
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