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  1. And what a screech of terror!!- bunyips, drop bears and killer kangaroos have nothing on these guys!! its ok arch i know a great psychatrist if you want her number
  2. *punk* Come back!! It's gonna be ackward if we don't talk before the wedding and try to catch up and i'm trynna get married and shit...

  3. you're still missed, love.

  4. Damn you, Lauren. You keep wandering in and out of my lif...er, board.

  5. The countdown is on....... 10 more sleeps till im in BRISBANE!!!!!!!!
  6. I dont think this test i right!! You are Catwoman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 90% Green Lantern -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 85% The Flash -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 80% Supergirl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70% Robin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70% Wonder Woman -------------------------------------
  7. asquirrelranacrosstheroadangothitbuyacarandwentweeeeeee!!! hehehhe
  8. anybody else heard the rumour that HBO is signing for a tv mini series?
  9. Shes not that widely known but how about Asia Argento to play tulip? http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0295701/yel...,%20Asia&seq=31
  10. Acoustic, thanks for the tip though will have to try it out when i get home.
  11. hey hey hey no need to get all narky Im pretty sure that the bare midriffs rule is only being inforced by the Australian institute of sport for the gynmasts. Its up to each individual club as to the "image" they wish to portray and whether or not they wish to enforce it. Note our home cheerleading squad And yes im an aussie..
  12. Now i know why its called the "F" chord (or f7) EVERYTIME I TRY TO PLAY IT I JUST WANT TO SCREAM F#@&!!!!!!!!!! any sugestions on how to hold down 6 strings with 4 fingers? greatly appreciated electric or acoustic? (just wondering what ya playing) balance the fret board on the ball of your palm and get more reach with ya fingers...
  13. Ever heard the poem by spike milligan adapted into a song.. careful its catchy (i just heard the last sentance of it on play school and its been in my head eva since..) On the ning nang nong all the cows go -bong- and the monkeys all say boo. Theres a nong nang ning, where the trees go *ping* and the teapots jibber jabber joo On the nong ning nang, all the mice go >clang So its ning nang nong the cows go -bong- nong nang ning the trees go *ping* nong ning nang the mice go >clang what a noisy place to belong its the ning nang ning nang nong the nin
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