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  1. Not like I'll ever finish this one anyway.


    I've started super-rough basic work on a public nudity stealth game. Basically, the super thin premise is that you're on vacation and you do the classic "I'm going to step outside my hotel room wearing nothing but my socks and oh no I got locked out" routine.


    In your moment of panic, you remember you have a fresh set of clothes sitting on your bed at home, so you naturally start trying to sneak home to get your clothes. Of course, you're vacationing, like, 1000 miles away, but that won't stop you.


    The journey takes you through cities, suburbs, farmland, etc. With you trying to get from Point A to Point B with minimal detection. Your socks act as your inventory, and there are shops and such that you come across in the form of nudist colonies and homeless camps.


    Top-ish down, 2.5d game with emphasis on stealth. Coming to Steam as soon as I get my head out of my ass and actually work on it.

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  2. Okay, so the issue here, is that I have the sans chatty option overriding the user's preference, which is how the front page has the chatty, but not the other pages.


    This was done so that once per-forum skins are made/implemented, you get that skin in that forum. So.....there's a widescreen sans chatty, but it won't really do you any good in the forums right now. We'll need a vote at some point, I'm sure.

  3. I was going to make a longer post but the internet crapped out.


    The current image is an odd aspect ratio, and its trying to fit it all in a small space (giggity). The old image was a square, so it scaled properly.


    Totally hacked the transparency, and another background would totally expose how much of a hackjob it really was.

  4. Took ASC's image and tore it apart. Split it into elements (Background and Logo). Background stretches forever, logo sits on top. Not the greatest for mobile, buuuuuuuut it looks pretty good.


    Background stretches FOREVER:


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  5. Well, that was a fun ride. Glad I got Bojack before the company destroyed itself.


    Honestly though, why would they think going public would be that great of an idea? They've cornered the market of little collectible things...and...where do you really go from there? How much more growth could there possibly be?

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  6. On 8/4/2016 at 12:28 AM, Mr. Hakujin said:

    Hopper, what's in the box. What's in the booox? Eggos! WTF!?!?! Does this mean we'll get Stranger Things II: The Search For 11? God, I hope so. Mike will Take Elle to the Snow Ball in the S2 finale. This must happen!!!



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