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  1. And in today's tech support news:


    I'm editing a lot of posts.





    Ok, to clarify, whenever I come across a post that has a malformed youtube embed (or whatever else), I'm fixing it. All I'm doing is copying the offending code and pasting it where it should go. If this angers anyone, I'll stop, and I understand completely. Obviously, I can't sift through 400k+ posts, so I'm just doing them as I see them, and usually only on the most recent page of a thread.


    In the event that I fix a post, I will give a reason for editing at the bottom (I think everyone can see that) that'll usually say something like "Fixed video".

  2. Ok, so here's my write up on everything that's going on.



    The Problem

    We're too big for our britches here, ultimately. The current host requires that the database stays below 750mb. This is for one main reason (and several sub reasons):

    • We are on a shared server.
      • Hondo's is hosted on a machine with (likely) several other sites. Whatever operations we're running must take a "fair" amount of resources.
        • I could get into deep theory here, but basically, to do things concurrently, the server has to split each task into "chunks" and process them one after the other. If we have too many "chunks", or too many that are a higher priority, things get tough for the other people on the server.
        • If we're running too many high priority tasks, we dominate the server, and the hosting company starts shutting stuff down.
      • Large databases cause problems (in general):
        • Everything you do on here is a query to the database (sometimes more than one at a time). If you post something, it queries the database to figure out where to put the post (topic, forum, etc.), and all the other information associated with it (author, time, etc).
        • Just because something was done recently (for example, this post, when I'm done, will be the most recent post on the forum), doesn't mean it's able to found immediately by the query (it would likely return all the other posts in this topic first).
        • So, all posts and users are essentially related to each other in some form or fashion. The larger the database gets, the longer it takes to get from Point A to Point B
      • Traversing the database takes system resources:
        • I think you can see where I'm going here. The longer it takes to get from Point A to Point B, the more processing power it uses. Of course, because everything works this way for us, that's a fairly high priority task and...causes everything else to slow down for everyone else.

    Now, the fun part. Remember how I said the limit is 750mb? Currently we're sitting at 2,622.18mb. That's...that's a pretty big problem. To be fair, part of that is as a result of the upgrade. The forum software makes a copy of several of the tables within the database to act as backups in the event that something goes wrong. For whatever reason (probably because it's hard for the software to tell if something went wrong), it retains those backups after the upgrade is complete.


    Even if we deleted those backups (which is not a problem), it really only saves us about 700mb or so, which isn't anywhere close to what we need to be. Ideally, we could save another ~400mb by deleting the search cache table, but that would all but disable the fancy new search function, which would be stupid because that STILL wouldn't bring us below the limit.


    I only recently gained access to the cPanel, so I don't know how long this has been a problem, but I would venture to guess that it has been for a while now. I have no idea why they are just now bitching about it, the database just doesn't go over the limit by that much overnight.


    The Solution?

    Honestly, I'm not sure outside of what Nick has suggested. This is one of those that you can throw money at and fix, but I'm not sure how feasible that is in the long run. Another option is making an offline archive of old posts, but without starting fresh, it really wouldn't come close to fully fixing the problem, which kind of defeats the purpose.


    The solution to this one is less technical than I'm used to.


    Other Notes

    • Upgrades to the software are, generally, a good thing. Keep out the baddies and get new features here and there.
    • A 5gb file limit might seem small, but there was easily 600mb of crap just sitting around the server that I was already able to clean out (including a database backup from 2014).
    • I have started a poll suggesting that a Hondo's Patreon be started to handle monthly donations directly to Nick. I would gladly help throw in some if I could just set it up and forget about it.
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  3. Ok, so I'm throwing my suggestion in the hat here. This is an idea I had had to help keep the lights on and keep Nick from going hungry trying to keep this place alive.


    I think a lot of the issues with funding and such could be solved, or at the very least made easier to handle, by starting a Patreon for Hondo's. I'm not trying to directly counter Nick's current adopt-a-month idea, I just want to see what people think.


    Alls I'm saying is that I'm not the most active member, and I would gladly throw at least $5 or so in a month just to help do my part. I don't believe I'm alone in this, and I think it's ultimately better/easier/whathaveyou than quarterly or monthly donation drives.


    Full disclosure: I have absolutely nothing to gain from this outside of this place staying open. I know this place is important to a lot of people and has been for years. Maybe this idea won't work, and that's okay. I just want to be able to easily toss money at the problems on a monthly basis where I can just set it and forget it.


    I might be wrong, and people might be against it, and that's cool. I know Nick is, and that's cool, too. Hopefully, if I'm right, a certain someone might be able to take a little of the stress of himself. Thanks everyone!

  4. It should be noted that when all the backups (old stuff leftover from the last version of the board) are removed, the database is still over the limit, but not any larger than it appears it was before the upgrade. The upgrade actually compressed a bunch of stuff, it's still just a huge amount of data. Almost 500k posts takes up a little bit of room. I'll do a full write up of the technical side of things in a bit.

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  5. Today was the great upgrade adventure.

    The front page is nearly complete, and should work well on mobile and desktop. Most of the other skins will be done in this fashion to insure that everything remains comparable cross-platform. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the signatures to work once per page rather than per topic, but the database is very poorly documented, so I'm shooting blind on that one.

    I will continue creating / recreating themes for each subforum in the coming days/weeks/whenever I have a chance. Like I said, it looks like much of the heavy lifting has been done there. I won't roll out a new skin until I'm sure it looks good. I've also created local copies of all the skins we had prior to the update, so I will stripmine those for images/color schemes/etc.

    This will be fun, and is going well so far! Night everyone


    Edit: Ok, so maybe not the color schemes. Regardless, I will do what I can to make them interesting.

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  6. Got the main theme up and "modernized". Should be working well on desktops and mobile devices everywhere. Let me know if there are any issues.

    I will try to start porting the other skins over to this type of theme soon. Some will be changed more than others, some will likely be completely different. We'll have to see on an individual basis. I'm trying to recreate things that others put together years ago, but it shouldn't be too painful!

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  7. 13 minutes ago, The NZA said:

    no arguments here! I miss our green skin, and logo and junk 

    gonna browse the free ones at invision marketplace soon!

    I'm working on hacking that one together, actually.


    EDIT: Green is back (ish). At the bottom of each page, you can select the theme. TestFront is my sandbox if you wanna check it out

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  8. As a side note, I would be wary of the ever so slightly less than honest Kodi addons. Kodi wasn't necessarily designed to be a streamers paradise, and certain groups are paying a lot of attention to those addons. That coupled with the fact that nearly anyone could write an addon...I don't know, my tinfoil hat is pinging on this one.

  9. At approximately 1:30 AM CST, I noticed that we had a large amount of guests on the boards at once. I quickly noticed that the majority of them were from the same IP range (which I will not disclose publicly*), and that they were, in fact, sequential IP addresses. This is a bad sign, as it means they are either:

    1. Spam bots
    2. Attackers

    I blocked the entire IP range, and the number of guests dropped dramatically. I also copied the robots.txt file to what I believe is the appropriate folder, so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.


    I will continue to monitor for suspect IP address ranges, and will repeat the process in the future, if needed.



    * Some people get litigious if you mention that they might be doing something bad. I'm sure mentioning their IP range explicitly might piss some bad people off.

  10. Hey All,


    I've been given admin powers again to try to help Nick with the transition over to the latest version of IPB. I will be using these newfound powers to try to upgrade / port over various skins / features if at all possible. I will also be trying to keep things working a bit better around here as far as the innards of the site goes.


    This being said, unless it's a stupid minor change here or there (which I'm notorious for), I will try to keep a log of everything that has gone on, and my various actions taken.


    For starters, I have been given access to an FTP account, and I have already used it to make a small change to the site (which I will detail in my next post, which will follow immediately after this one).


    Anyway, I hope to be of some use.


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  11. Side A:

    - Nowhere to Run (Vapor Trail) - DMX vs. TCM

    - Vapor Trail - Demo? Or the Nowhere to Run remix instrumental?


    Side B:

    - I Think I'm Crystallized (Extended) - Garbage vs. TCM

    - Ten Miles Back - From Tweekend, seems like a demo version.


    Closest Discogs link I could find, but those are numbered and I just noticed that side B has the tracks reversed on mine. I'll do a double post and drop some pictures in a minute.


  12. Just picked up a completely unlabeled LP with 4 (unreleased / demo) songs by The Crystal Method. From what little I've been able to find online, it looks like there were <1000 pressed and I'm basically crapping myself about it. Just had to share.

  13. Yeah, people are charging between $15-$30 per skin which is stupid if you've got anyone on the board that has the slightest inkling of what they're doing.


    Should be able to have everything ported over "fairly quickly" (school and work schedule allowing, I'll still try to bash everything out quick-ish), but then I'll begin trying to somewhat modernize a few of them.


    I assure you, this won't be HondosInc all over again. Totally promise that.


    Edit: Totally. For reals.

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  14. This issue isn't because of me logging in from my job, is it? Web security is kind of insane here.

    Nah, that shouldn't have anything to do with it. You'd likely be accessing the site via HTTPS in that case, but there were only a relative few requests. You're good.
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