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  1. Just got the game today, it's really good so far. Never played and AC game, so I have no idea what's going on, but I'm just glad to be a part of something.
  2. New NIN released out of nowhere again today! They dropped a follow up to 2008's GHOSTS I - IV. GHOSTS V - VI Released for free today. Hopefully a cool physical edition will hit at some point, but who knows? Download it for free on nin.com, check it out on youtube right now, and it'll hit the streaming platforms later today.
  3. I've got a feeling we're going there, too...
  4. They've said that it's the length of Half-Life 2, so quite a bit. I had to stop again because it scared me. Like, the zombies and headcrabs are unsettling enough when they're freaking life sized, but then they had to go and add a "find a flashlight and walk through the pitch black sewers" section. I made it about as far as my adrenaline would let me. I'll pick it back up tomorrow but God damn is it good. Also, you can pick up markers and draw on things. Sent this screenshot to my office mate:
  5. Half-Life: Alyx is overwhelming. Being in those environments is absolutely astounding. The level of care and obvious love for the material is evident. I want to take my time with this game and dissect it, piece by piece. I don't even know how to describe it, I got chills when the game started. It is the single greatest VR experience I've come across thus far, and is a piece of art.
  6. Doom Eternal review: rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip and tear and rip an
  7. Update to the promised hollabox upgrade - v2 is still in beta for public sites (not us...) - v1 is available for self-hosting, but is 100% unsupported and generally not recommended by the devs. Hopefully we'll have something soon. Sorry for the multi-month delay...
  8. I like mine, but it's getting older. Might pick up another one at this price.
  9. CALLED IT From The Half-Life: Alyx webpage
  10. That would be correct...ish. We've seen bits and pieces of the Source 2 engine here and there (DOTA 2 / the current CS:GO UI was actually done in Source 2 and then ported back to the Source engine), but we haven't seen a full fledged game, nor have we gotten the dev tools for the engine. I would imagine we'll get something from this. Valve is really good at fostering a mod community based around their tools, this keeps their engines at least somewhat relevant for a while. The Source engine was used for everything from Half-Life 2 to CS:GO (don't quote me on that being the last tit
  11. Each new generation of Valve games has been heralded by a Half-Life game. I'm expecting all the Source 2 tools and other such goodies to be a part of this. Also, I think Portal would probably cause a shit ton of motion sickness. I'm not so sure about this one. It looks like it'll probably run on just about any VR type (Index, Vive, The varied Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality) system (again, just about anything you can hook up to your computer and play stuff on Steam with), and I don't think it's necessarily unreasonable to be expected to play a 2020 AAA game on at least
  12. "This is real. This is happening. And I told you so"
  13. I never thought I'd see the day.....
  14. Stilly


    Love me some Local 58
  15. I need a better camera. Not sure if these guys fit in here, but here are my pride and joy. I love them:
  16. Actually, long story, but the people that actually cared the project now have control over it. The hosting stuff had little to do with it. It's in beta for "big sites", but should be pushed our direction soonish. Hopefully we'll have a fix in the next few weeks.
  17. Noticed that the hollabox had been down for a bit, and decided to take a look into it. UHHHHH Might be down for a bit...I'll see what I can figure out.
  18. Stilly

    Diablo 4

    Valve needs to go anti Hong Kong, so we can get halflife 3 due to the backlash. Just sayin.
  19. Build a Silo - harvest grass with the scythe. TADA YOU'VE GOT HAY. At this point, the barns and whatnot should start autofeeding the animals each morning. Forgot about that part. I mean, that's the endgame, basically. Minmax the whole thing, and try to make the most efficient farm. Do all the friendship stuff. There's still the There's still a bunch of stuff left to do - but I have the most fun minmaxing the shit outta my farm.
  20. I mean, what do you really need help with other than "What do?" - I know you've been checkin' out the wiki and such. I guess my best piece of advice would be to check out https://stardew.info/ and plan out your farm accordingly. Once you finish the community center, you can start buying / building little junimo huts and they'll do most of your harvesting for you. Look into a layout that's optimized for iridium sprinklers. Kinda have a grid that goes like (Sprin is the iridium sprinkler): Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Crop Cr
  21. I think your current machine is better than my old rig. Plus I'm currently using that graphics card and hard drives. No joke, the old machine was from 2010 or so, and it started making a horrible grinding noise after the move. Thing is probably a fire hazard at this point.
  22. Guyyyysssssss....I'm ready to fuckin' game. Still need to upgrade my graphics card, but loooooooooook, lol.
  23. I'm not going to get too far into the specifics because it's been decades since I've picked up a comic book, but after a cursory google search of the character - to me - it looks like they did a good job. I see that person in the video and (again, to me) it looks like someone of Middle Easternish descent. Regardless, that's not the comment I came here to make. I will bet anyone 10 bucks that the PC release is going to be an Epic Store exclusive, for a bit, which makes me sad.
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