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  1. So, with 59 reviews, rottentomatoes.com currently has a 73% fresh rating, compared to Smith's other films...


    Clerks 85%

    Mallrats 49%

    Chasing Amy 93%

    Dogma 68%

    Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back 51%

    Jersey Girl 41%


    This is pretty good. If walk out of a movie that wasn't as quite good as Clerks but slightly better than Dogma, I'll have gotten my money's worth.


    My question is: "How the hell did Chasing Amy get a 93%?"


    I have seen it. Endworld has seen it as well.


    I loved it, I absolutely loved every minute of it. I won't go into more detail to keep from spoiling anything (even for the ones that want spoilers...GO SEE IT YOURSELF). It was worth getting lost in Grapevine on the way to a 12:01 showing.


    Dowe went in not knowing what to expect (he's not seen any of the other movies in the view-askewniverse...we must initiate him), and I believe that he enjoyed the movie.



    Yes, there are a ton of references to the other movies (more about "Clerks." than any other movie though). Yes, there's a ton of off the wall humor that we love and adore. And so on and so forth.


    9.2034 / 10


    "Hey fucko! We like to call it inter-species erotica. "


    PS: Did anyone else notice that the movie is One hour and THIRTY SEVEN minutes long?

  2. Haha, I can imagine people reading through this and wondering who the hell we are talking about and what all the acronyms we're using mean.



    Sorry, MH, for ditching you for Dowe...but, you know, haha. :poison:

  3. I actually tried to switch over to Madison (my best friend called and said that had some bari holes about half way through)...but I couldn't get a release from Bluecoats. Even though it was over between the corps and I, I still needed a piece of paper from the corps saying that the contract was void.


    That didn't happen. So I was unable to march anywhere else that summer. Bummer.


    As for the same 4 corps winning...it'll probably be Bluecoats who break that. They've been doing better every year since I've been there...hell, one of the corps motto's is "We're gonna win"...(another is "6 words", but that's neither here nor there).


    As for my age, I'm 20, so I have one year left. I've been contemplating going back (maybe with Phantom, or Madison, or hell...I wanted to march Crossmen at one point because they're so damn cool) for one final season. It all really depends on money and what I'm doing next summer. Hell, I may just go to a phantom camp for the hell of it. It'd be good to do it again.


    I'll dig up some more info about DCA for you...right now, I'm about to head out with MetalHeart and them so I'm a bit pressed on time.


    Yeah, my brother's going to be a beast. He'll probably stick with Madison, the way he's been talking...and I can respect that. Oh, and Madison finally made the switch over in 2004.


    One last thing for now. The Cavies totally deserved the 99.15!!!

  4. It was a pretty fucked up situation with Bluecoats. I left after about a week in. 2004 was the year of a huge staff shake up, and all the people that really gave a damn about anything besides a "product" (save one person) were fired or replaced in one form or fashion. So, after dealing with them for a week or so (and all the camps and whatnot), I left....and was stranded in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio.


    Yeah, David Glasgow (the main reason for much rebellion in the corps and the ultimate reason of my departure...as well as the Executive Director of the corps), didn't have the decency to point a kid in the right direction. Whatever.


    Regardless, '03 was a hell of a year, and I value all the time that I spent with the corps. Regardless of how it all ended up, I am proud of the year that I spent with them, and I will cherish those memories until the day I do.


    But yeah, one of the staff members at Madison looks up to one of the staffers a Bluecoats...and now you see my problem. Boo. No hard feelings anymore, I caught up with Glasgow at DCA finals last year...weird story really. I was standing there watching one of the corps and I hear someone from behind me say my name. I slowly turned around, and it was David (whom I hadn't seen in two years)...and he talked to me as if I had only marched one year and left it at that. It was surreal.



    Anyways. Instead of marching with a DCI corps in '05, I became Brass Caption Head of Gulf Coast Sound...a really small corps based in Houston, TX (I was attending the University of Houston at the time). It was a smaller, close-knit group that really felt like a family. The only real difference I saw between DCI and DCA was the lack of sheer rehearsal time most DCA corps can have. What with jobs and whatnot. It's the same standard format, but a lot of it seems to be based on how the fans react. Of course, if the fans love a shittily done show, that corps won't even make finals...but you get my drift.


    A lot of DCA corps will perform at smaller DCI venues, as well. However DCI doesn't like to make note of that and thinks of themselves as "Drum Corps" instead of a part of the Drum Corps sport.



    Man, I didn't even think about that. I'm all but certain our corps stood next to each other (there were a LOT of shows, haha)...wouldn't that be crazy if we were shoulder to shoulder at some point? That's insane, man.



    EDIT: Grammar....damn it. I think faster than I type.


  5. Oi, I had this long reply all typed up several hours ago and I went to post it and my computer crashed out on me.



    So here's attempt number two with as much as I can remember.



    Don't worry about flattery when it comes to talking good about the Bluecoats. I still love the corps and most of the peope there, but I left the corps on unfriendly terms my second year there. Almost got me blacklisted from DCI and kept me from marching with the Scouts in 2005. Fun times, let me tell you :???:


    Some of my all time favorite shows and corps (from the 90's-00's...the list keeps going and going if I go back before that) would have to be VK, Madison 95-96-03, BD 95-96-01-02, SCV 93?...the year they did Fiddler, Phantom '96-'03, Bluecoats 02-03, Cavies 00-01-02-03, Crossmen 03....and on and on and on.


    Cadets - None. I'm actually quite Anti-George Hopkins and Anti-YEA (except for Crossmen...kind of odd, they seem to be more humble)



    So you're telling me that even though we didn't march the same corps...we were on the same field at Finals Retreat of '03? Jeez, that's crazy. Small world. Your show made me cry at San Antonio. No lies, it was fucking beautiful and Canon in D always got me misty before that. Hearing Phantom do it was like a dream come true.


    Madison is doing decently...nothing too stellar, but you know them. It'd be nice to see them have a clean enough show at the end to move up a few spots. Don't worry about offending me when it comes to them. Both my brother and my best friend (and, actually, one of my friends from college, as well) are in the corps (all baritones....my best friend and my 16-year-old brother being the top two lead baris)...and considering I give them hell all the time about being in an all-male corps, it's fine. Haha.



    Ok, that's my rant for right now...hopefully it'll go through this time.


    Hey, by the way, drum corps doesn't end at 21. Look into some DCA corps, there are some all-age corps out there that rival some of the best DCI corps of all time.

  6. Haha, jeez....I didn't think this topic would get any replies.


    My favorite corps of all time (we're talking DCI here...I have a few DCA corps that I love and adore) would have to be the Madison Scouts.


    Although, of course, that didn't keep me from marching elsewhere. In 2003, I marched with the Bluecoats, and in 2005 I taught at a small DCA corps down in Houston as a Brass Caption Head. Played Euphonium with 'coats, but was a lead Baritone with Gulf Coast Sound (the corps I both taught at and performed with).


    I have pretty much every finals recording of Blue Devils, Cavaliers, SCV, Cadets...and so on. It's a shame, however, that I don't have a copy of everything, yet.


    The only DVDs that I have are the ones from the 2003 season, and a special Bluecoats Banquet DVD from 2003.


    Oh...and my brother is also a lead Baritone with the Scouts this season.

  7. Bishopcruz, if what you say is true, then I'm sure I'll slap down the cash for some of those retro titles...but I'm pretty damn sure that the homebrew scene is where the real innovation will take place when it comes to making the older roms look great in HD.


    Of course, the Homebrew scene could fail us all...joy.

  8. The only part of that that wouldn't be considered "legal" would be the ripping the games to the xbox, the downloading of the roms for purposes other than "having a backup", and the downloading and installation of the firmware for the modchip (assuming you installed a modchip)...or any of the other software you put on the xbox (because it would have had to been compiled on pirated microsoft xbox development software).


    But besides that, it's completely legal.


    But yeah, I've done all that to my xbox, too.

  9. Link to AP article


    Does anybody else think this is a total rip-off? I mean, $5 - $15 for pacman...for the convenience of being able to play pacman on your 360.


    Shit, I have fucking PONG on my Original Xbox...for free (well, after paying for the mods and whatnot)...and with mods for the 360 on the horizon, does M$ really believe they're going to make any kind of profit on the deal?!



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