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  1. I mean, what do you really need help with other than "What do?" - I know you've been checkin' out the wiki and such. 


    I guess my best piece of advice would be to check out https://stardew.info/ and plan out your farm accordingly. Once you finish the community center, you can start buying / building little junimo huts and they'll do most of your harvesting for you.


    Look into a layout that's optimized for iridium sprinklers. Kinda have a grid that goes like (Sprin is the iridium sprinkler):


    Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop

    Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop

    Crop  Crop  Sprin Crop  Crop

    Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop

    Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop  Crop


    And modify that for the lesser sprinklers. I'll generally overlap sections and drop a scarecrow where the sprinkler goes every 3 iterations of the pattern. The above planner will actually show you the range of the scarecrows and sprinklers so you can actually plan that shit out. If I'm going for a larger layout, I'll split my farm into two large chunks: One for a seasonal cash crop (pumpkins, etc.) that have a chance to generate giant crops, and then the other for multi-seasonal crops (wheat, coffee, etc.). 


    My money makers are wine and coffee. Score some starfruit seeds or ancient seeds and plant them in the greenhouse whenever you get that going. Get a seed maker and dump the first few harvests into there to get more seeds outta them and then keep that going. Follow a similar gridlike structure as the one above. Starfruit have a higher price, but the Ancient Fruit will keep fruiting every seven days or so forever. Take these, make wine, and put them into casks and LET THEM SIT in there until they're iridium quality. They'll sell for 3300g a pop (4620g if you've got the artisan perk).


    Speaking of casks - get the basement, and fill the fucker with them. Optimal basement layout for switch controller here.


    Personally, I only mess with the animals for the community center challenges. They're too much upkeep for too little reward after that, in my opinion. Make sure, if you have them, that you pet and feed the little fuckers every day. Let them out in the morning during the warmer months (and close their door at night), and get a warmer for them for winter. Build a fence around their barn / coop and plant grass there to keep them happy. Usually a pattern like this is sufficient (F for fence - B for barn):



    F                                    BBBBB               F

    F                                    BBBBB               F

    F                                                               F

    F                                                               F



    Not to scale. You get the idea, though. Give them some leg room, but keep them in. I'm not sure if they'll screw with your crops otherwise, but don't risk it.


    I can't think of anything else. If you go down into the mines, upgrade your backpack and take a bunch of food to keep your health and energy up. Save those geodes and then take a shit ton of them to Clint and make that creep work for his money. Same amethyst for Abby.


    Oh, about Abby's gem fetish. You'll save your time (and marriage) if you invest in a Cystalarium and have it just make them. I think you get one during some of the community center stuff.


    Alright, there's my write-up. So much of this is just trial and error and planning and what works best for me. YMMV. Have fun!

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  2. I think your current machine is better than my old rig. Plus I'm currently using that graphics card and hard drives.


    No joke, the old machine was from 2010 or so, and it started making a horrible grinding noise after the move. Thing is probably a fire hazard at this point.

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  3. I'm not going to get too far into the specifics because it's been decades since I've picked up a comic book, but after a cursory google search of the character - to me - it looks like they did a good job. I see that person in the video and (again, to me) it looks like someone of Middle Easternish descent. Regardless, that's not the comment I came here to make.


    I will bet anyone 10 bucks that the PC release is going to be an Epic Store exclusive, for a bit, which makes me sad.

  4. Okay, let's see, couldn't be that bad


    - Literally one second later -




    Edit: Jesus, that guys teeth are just slightly too big for his mouth

  5. Also, for some reason the hollabox keeps going down. I'll start looking for a solution (or alternatives, potentially) here in the next day or two, hopefully. I really don't want to drop the Discord, because I think that's a great way to keep it "out of hands", so to speak.


    Anyway, enjoy everything else. Love you guys.


    i love you GIF

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  6. Okay, so I was planning to do it this weekend, but I'm basically sitting in bed feeling like crap. More than likely it'll happen next weekend, and I'll try to figure out what's going on with the hollabox then, as well.


    So, fingers crossed everything will work well. Hope you Florida people stay safe - I've got a couple spare rooms in Alabama if you need to run!

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  7. Alright Everyone


    So, I actually have a PC set up at the moment (ol' Compy 386) and a bit of free time......SO IMMA FINALLY DO THE FUCKING UPGRADE




    Probably in the next week or two. There are incompatibilities with the templates / skins - and seeing as that's basically all my fault, I'll have to dig through each one and make them work. Fortunately, they're all based on the same thing, so once I get one working, I should be able to get all of them working pretty quickly. I'm not sure how broken things will be until I get them working, but I know that there are incompatibilities in 7 files which range from things like the container around each post to the front page itself.


    I'll try to shoot up a warning on the front page before I hit the button, but I can't guarantee that anyone will see it. I'll for sure make sure Nick knows directly before I go fuckin' with stuff. Sorry it's taken so long to get my shit together to work on this, I ultimately made it harder on myself (I originally wanted to get the update done last fall, but I was finishing my last semester - then the job hunt - then the surgery - then the move - then the new job - then - then - then - you get the picture). Anyway, instead of being one update behind, we're, like, five - which is awesome because that's something that I'm dealing with at work, too (though that's not my fault, I didn't work there at the time).


    ANYWAY. The update is mainly security patches and such, but there may be some performance upgrades, which would be nice. Hopefully it's not a huge pain in the ass for anyone.


    Love you guys.


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  8. 11 hours ago, Lipala said:

    There are a lot of performance optimizations in BEYOND, the game will actually run better than it did on your potato at the beginning

    Yeah.......but I already got the case, so I'm vested in this thing now.

  9. I'm a true believer in this game - got the original release running on my potato of a computer when it came out - building a new system currently and that's going to be one of the first things I test the rig on. I think it's going to be amazing when all is said and done.


    Edit: Shit, especially the VR stuff. I'm getting a headset just for this game.

  10. @Jumbie @The NZA - We're BACK - Sorry about the delay. Turns out the official servers died a few days ago, but someone else stepped up to host. When I can, I will host on my own. Hopefully, I'll be able to do this when I'm making a bit more $$$, so that we don't have to worry about this shit again.


    Again, sorry, the last couple months have been stupid stressful. Love you guys.

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  11. Spoiler

    Links Awakening Remake



    I MEAN, FUCKING WHAT?! That's the game that got me into THAT SERIES way back when. I will buy this day one.



    Also, any word on Persona ever making it to Switch?

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  12. So, I know the hollabox has been up and down like crazy lately, and with finals and everything, I haven't really had a chance to look into it.


    Anyway, those are over. The devs are working on a free self-hosted version of the software I've been using. Frankly, I'd pay to host it somewhere on my own dime at this point, and that might be what I have to do - just so it's working properly. The self-hosted version should be ready this month or next, so hopefully we only have to suffer this for a little while longer.


    I hope to have this working for you guys (properly) soon.

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