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  1. This is what I listened to this morning because Nick and Judy have lives outside of their podcast. Enjoy!
  2. Stilly

    Fallout 76

    I didn't really understand the hate that went with it - I enjoyed the fuck out of it. I got it to run on my potato of a computer, and I was so happy when I got it running (no joke, my compy is about 3-5 years below the minimum specs, but I'm a poorish student). I keep seeing all these new patches rolling out for it, and they look amazing, but I'm going to wait until I have a decentish PC to run it - and Fallout 4 and 76, and Doom/Doom Eternal, and this and that and so on and so on and on and on and on
  3. Gimme a Monkey Island movie instead, you savages!
  4. Stilly

    Fallout 76

    And the industry will possibly snap back at some point. "Games as a service" will probably wane in popularity as new trends come and go. The idea of having everything interconnected is the big thing that everyone wants to try to shoehorn into their games, and eventually we'll make it full circle - at least until the next trend comes and goes. Remember all the MMOs that popped up when WoW hit it big? Sure we're currently moving towards less "MMO" and more of a "passively online" thing, but things come and go. Just because we're in a single-player lull, doesn't mean we always will be
  5. Stilly

    Fallout 76

    Lotsa reasons, but mainly due to Sony it seems. It was never meant to be the huge AAA title - Hello Games is a small indie outfit, but Sony basically hyped it all to hell. From what I've read, Sony basically took over publishing and marketing once the hype started and just ran with it. Also, that's not really an issue with these guys - seeing as it's being published by Bethesda Softworks. I mean, I can understand some pushback, but they're still under the same parent company. I mean, sure it doesn't excuse releasing a buggy product, but historically they suck at that
  6. Stilly

    Fallout 76

    Jesus Christ, [everyone in the gaming community and not just limited to] you guys. This is exactly what people wanted Hello Games to say when No Man's Sky was released. Like, people said this letter verbatim would have made everything about No Man's Sky's release okay. So then when Bethesda does just that, everyone gets pissy? Also, they're letting everyone know before a public beta. What? Where's the outrage?
  7. DDLC might take a couple of runs to see everything. Enjoy!
  8. Mod / Admin logins require 2FA - sometimes it's wonky, and I'm not sure why, glad you could get in though
  9. UGGGGHHH - Do I want it on PC or Switch?!
  10. And it's down again. This is getting old....
  11. Hey everyone, the widget is down currently on their end. They are working on it, and the discord is still up, just not on here yet. Ughhhhhh
  12. 't'weren't nothin' Glad it works now!
  13. @Donatella, I THINK I FIXED IT. I GOT IT TO SHOW UP ON EDGE. HOLY SHIT. Also, it "kinda" fixes the issue you were having on your phone. I say "kinda", because it's still broken as all hell, but you can scroll to the right now and actually see what's going on. THIS SHOULD "WORK". I've tested on a phone with that version of iOS, so we should be cookin. @Jont, still nothing, but I wager I could just try to set it so you see this new embed method, as well. Lemme know next time we're online at roughly the same time and we'll test it.
  14. @Donatella, Heeeeey! Guess what? We've officially identified a bug in the software, and it's going to be fixed in the next release. Hopefully. Apparently, not enough people use Edge, and nobody has noticed that bug. So, you're literally the only person in the world with that error. That's kinda cool, and I think they should name it after you, lol.
  15. I'm bashing my head on the keyboard over here, but making no progress. I've got another support ticket in. I've tried just about everything I can think of at this point without trying to reverse engineer it to try to fix it (which, I can't do without hosting the whole thing myself, which isn't really possible at the moment). So......I'm working on it. Sorry about the continuing delay.
  16. @Donatella, I was able to recreate your error and I'm trying to figure it out. Interestingly enough, it looks like it might be related to Jont's error. I was able to get the box to load, but then....nothing. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the script not wanting to run, or what. There are no errors popping up, so that's....unhelpful. I'll be able to really look at it tomorrow evening. Again, I'm so sorry NOTHING is working Edit: Found an error on their end. UGHHHHHH. I'll try a different method of embedding it tomorrow evening. I'm so freaking sorry about th
  17. @Donatella @Jont it's probably going to be tomorrow before I can look at these issues - we're sitting in the ER at the moment. My wife is sick, but hopefully it's a mostly in and out thing.
  18. I hope it's just a weird CSS thing I can easily fix or I'm going to be really bummed
  19. Also, sometimes I've noticed you have to let it sit at the Grey rectangle for a few seconds before it loads
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