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  1. Currently working for me in Chrome on Android. Should be working for you... Try another refresh of the page / clear your cache. Hopefully that's a temporary problem, as I've been running it on two different android devices in Chrome. I'll post an invite link this evening when I'm home. Sorry for the inconveniences everyone
  2. Of course! I just hope it's not one of those things where it's just kinda broken (I'm afraid of that because it looks like everything else is scaled properly). I'll see what I can do, thanks for letting me know what browser you're using, that helps a ton.
  3. I'll try to fix this tonight. Classic case of "it's working on my end"
  4. Also, I'm pinning this for the time being. A lot of this is being copied straight from the #welcome, #rules, and #formatting channels in the new box, so if you're familiar with Discord, you can skip a lot of this and read up there. Without further ado... Here shortly, I will be rolling out our BRAND NEW HOLLABOX!!! Things are going to be a bit under construction for a while, so please pardon our dust. If you need help with something specific, you can @ one of us (it's the same mod team as the rest of the site), or you can get a hold of us through standard means. Make sur
  5. Motherfucker. Looks kinda like a game idea I had a few years back
  6. I dunno, it's a super relaxing game for me (and I minmax the shit out of it), but my wife gets really frustrated at how tedious it can be at times. That being said, I generally make sure my farms are as automated as possible [actual spoilers]: so I don't have to deal with all that.
  7. SW-6776-1911-2014 Errbody add me!
  8. Just picked up Stardew Valley and I'm falling into that rabbit hole...again. The only game on my steam account that has over 100 hours in it, and I pick it up for the most portable gaming system I own. This semester will be a fun one. In all honesty, I feel like this will be a great game to take to school with me for breaks here and there between classes/homework. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.
  9. Yay, I get to spend more money! Diablo III - Eternal Collection announced for Switch with a 2018 release date: Never played this on PC (though I know I should have) but now I have no excuse. I'm super excited about this on the Switch for some reason. Also the next Doom game is gonna be on Switch and I want it so bad...
  10. And that's an instance of where you should probably take a step back from that topic, and let us moderate it, you know?
  11. While I agree that this line of discussion is important, I think we've ultimately strayed from the topic at hand. I think the line, as far as warning goes, is essentially: Discussion, dissent, and discourse are encouraged, but personal attacks are not. For example: Now, except for minor instances here and there, this hasn't really happened on here in recent history. There have been a few instances of @The NZA having to PM people here and there asking them to chill, but that's about it. This is NOT about suddenly changing the "free speech" aspe
  12. I agree, but that just might be a limitation of language, in general
  13. I mentioned that as a metaphor, more than anything. You can have a different opinion without it necessarily being "X-phobic". The second you get vitriolic, though, it becomes bigotry. "I don't agree with ⚧ people for x, y, z" is one thing, "tr*nny f*ggots" is another.
  14. My main response to all that is as such: I don't want to do that again. I didn't want to do it then, but I really had no other tools and it seemed to me that the situation, as it were, was already out of control. I reacted swiftly and harshly...and incorrectly. This "new way" is effectively a system of checks and balances. Panch can revoke a warning I issue, for instance. We have a place to discuss these things now. That's part of why things expire after a week, too, so there's no permanent "consequences" unless you're toxic enough that we all (being, all of Hondo's)
  15. Heyyy! It's Nathan Barnatt, what a goofy mofo, but I love him. Picked up Plus for the Switch the other day, and I CAN NOT PUT IT DOWN. IT'S AMAZING. I FEEL LIKE I'M A KID AGAIN. Love it. And the reversible cover art. O M GAH. So in love.
  16. You know what? I may actually set up a VM and see if I can sniff this one out. I need a project between semesters. Give me another week to finish this one and I'll see what I can do
  17. And I can agree with that, but I would expect to get kicked out of the public library if I took a dump in the middle of the children's nonfiction section during storytime.
  18. I mean, at the end of the day, this is NZAs house that we're playing in... If someone is consistently antagonizing him or people he cares about...that should be a ban worthy offense.
  19. Bought it but haven't played it yet, I'm generally a few years behind on games. That being said, I'm so in love with BotW right now you guys
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