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  1. Currently working for me in Chrome on Android. Should be working for you... Try another refresh of the page / clear your cache. Hopefully that's a temporary problem, as I've been running it on two different android devices in Chrome. 


    I'll post an invite link this evening when I'm home. 


    Sorry for the inconveniences everyone

  2. Also, I'm pinning this for the time being.


    A lot of this is being copied straight from the #welcome, #rules, and #formatting channels in the new box, so if you're familiar with Discord, you can skip a lot of this and read up there. Without further ado...


    Here shortly, I will be rolling out our BRAND NEW HOLLABOX!!! Things are going to be a bit under construction for a while, so please pardon our dust. If you need help with something specific, you can @ one of us (it's the same mod team as the rest of the site), or you can get a hold of us through standard means. Make sure you check out the rules further down this thread or in the #rules channel on the hollabox. The new rules that are being rolled out with the rest of the site...today...also apply here, so please read them and acknowledge that they exist.


    The new hollabox is powered by Discord using a third-party embed bit of code that allows us to use it on the website. This bit of code is still in active development (and open-source in case something goes wrong and I have to host it / support it myself), so some features may come and go, and things may break from time to time, but I'll try to keep you all up to date. At some point, we'll be able to login to the hollabox with our Discord accounts from within Hondo's, but right now you'll be asked for your username the first time you try to post (it'll ask you per device). I do ask that you use your Hondo's username (or something close), as anyone attempting to pretend to be someone else will be given a bunch of warning points (probably 5, immediately), and then we'll all have that conversation again. Also, we can see your IP, so seriously, please don't do it. I'll know it's you.


    Also, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN DISCORD TO ENJOY THIS. Nor do you have to click the big JOIN button in the top right corner. That's only if you wish to access the hollabox from Discord (in-game, or what have you). If you have a different Discord screenname from that of your Hondo's name, @ one of us and we can assign you permissions and change your nickname and all kinds of cool things.


    Some cool new things:

    • Everything is in Chronological Order!
    • Everything actually sticks around FOREVER. You may not be able to access the full history from the hollabox itself, but you can if you join the Discord server proper.
    • If you join the Discord server proper, you can access the hollabox from anywhere! You can actively talk to those of us on Hondo's anywhere you can access Discord (in-game, etc.).
    • We can post links / pictures / gifs / youtube videos / etc. now! All links posted to the Hollabox are automatically turned into hyperlinks, picture links (like imgur and whatnot) turn into a little preview of that image, and so on. Lots of cool stuff here, so fart around with it and see what you can figure out.
    • Custom emojis! I'm still working on these, but I've added most of our custom reactions. For instance, the "Really" reaction can be posted in the Hollabox by typing :really:  -  In fact once you type in : it'll bring up a list of emojis you can post (kinda like it does here...never noticed that)


    Some basic rules while I have you here:

    • Don't be a jerk. All of the new "regulations" apply here, and we actually have mod powers over the Hollabox other than BAN (which is all we could do with the old one).
    • No porn / spam / bigotry / etc. We're all adults here, and we all usually act like it, so I'm not really worried.
    • Please keep it generally safe for work. If you guys really want it, we can open up an NSFW channel, but that would never be the default channel.
    • The big one: When you assign yourself your screenname, don't try to imitate another user. That's an automatic 5-point "24-hour cool down period" kinda thing. I can see your IP address, I know it's you. 


    If there are any questions about anything, please ask and I'll try to make sure everything transitions smoothly. There are formatting tips in the #formatting channel (a list of channels can be found in the left side of the box). The entire mod team has tried it out, so we're mostly familiar with how everything works.


    Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. I've been toying around with this for a while now, and I think I finally got it all up and running the way it should.


    Love you guys,


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  3. I dunno, it's a super relaxing game for me (and I minmax the shit out of it), but my wife gets really frustrated at how tedious it can be at times.


    That being said, I generally make sure my farms are as automated as possible  [actual spoilers]:


    (sprinklers, Junimo gatherers, etc)

    so I don't have to deal with all that.

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  4. Just picked up Stardew Valley and I'm falling into that rabbit hole...again. The only game on my steam account that has over 100 hours in it, and I pick it up for the most portable gaming system I own. This semester will be a fun one.





    In all honesty, I feel like this will be a great game to take to school with me for breaks here and there between classes/homework. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

  5. Yay, I get to spend more money!


    Diablo III - Eternal Collection announced for Switch with a 2018 release date:


    Never played this on PC (though I know I should have) but now I have no excuse. I'm super excited about this on the Switch for some reason.

    Also the next Doom game is gonna be on Switch and I want it so bad...

  6. While I agree that this line of discussion is important, I think we've ultimately strayed from the topic at hand.


    I think the line, as far as warning goes, is essentially:


    Discussion, dissent, and discourse are encouraged, but personal attacks are not.


    For example:



    Let's say you (universal "you", not specifically you) may not like the fact that I am transgender. That is fine. That's great, that's whatever. I would personally say that making a thread about how much you dislike trans people is a little much, but so long as you aren't calling for their death and calling them generally terrible people, I would probably stay out of it. Your opinions are your opinions, regardless of whether or not I agree with them.


    Now, let's say you (again, universal "you"), find me in another thread and dismiss whatever I'm saying because I'm trans. That's nearing abuse / bigotry. Or you start calling people out in your hypothetical "are trans bad?" thread, and it becomes more than just a thread of discourse. To an extent, we all generally know where that line is.


    Of course, it should be noted that, due to my personal....involvement...in certain issues, I would ask Panch or Axels to watch over said thread. I can let things get under my collar, so to speak, so it would be hard for me to remain impartial in this instance.


    Now, except for minor instances here and there, this hasn't really happened on here in recent history. There have been a few instances of @The NZA having to PM people here and there asking them to chill, but that's about it. This is NOT about suddenly changing the "free speech" aspect of this board, but is rather about having the tools needed as a just in case method.


    People on the board have generally responded as adults in situations like this. Yes, there was the thing with Jont where he wouldn't stop and I escalated, but Panch was trying to calm everything down on his end, and this system would have allowed us to see what each other was doing and act as a team. We can see each other's warnings, and we can override each other's warnings if someone is acting out of place.



    @Jumbie, I'm sorry if I'm not answering your questions adequately. I know it kind of feels like I'm saying "we'll know the line when we come to it", but...we kind of will. We're all adults here, and we know when lines are crossed. There are things that are deliberately hateful, and that's what we're ultimately trying to avoid. Things that we've always tried to avoid. These are rules that were always unspoken, in a sense, but now are. Just because they've now been "set", doesn't mean we're roaming the streets looking for dissenters. It's just....now there's an official way for us to say "hey, quit being a jerk" without having to resort to someone like me hitting someone like Jont with a 2-day ban for an ill-defined reason.


    I honestly hope that I don't have to use these tools. Like, at any point. That's not why I'm here. I'm here for, well, this:

    11 hours ago, Jumbie said:

    hanging out in a good friend's living room being safe to say what you really think.


    More than anything, I don't want this to be a "real life" version of HondosInc. where people get banned or warned for the slightest hint of dissent from the generally "accepted" opinions.

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  7. My main response to all that is as such: I don't want to do that again. I didn't want to do it then, but I really had no other tools and it seemed to me that the situation, as it were, was already out of control. 


    I reacted swiftly and harshly...and incorrectly. 


    This "new way" is effectively a system of checks and balances. Panch can revoke a warning I issue, for instance. We have a place to discuss these things now. That's part of why things expire after a week, too, so there's no permanent "consequences" unless you're toxic enough that we all (being, all of Hondo's) think you should get the boot. 


    As far as debates go, they have to take place as part of any discourse of ideas. You can discuss whether or not you agree with gay marriage without using slurs. That's the line for me. 

  8. On 7/16/2018 at 9:25 PM, Newtype said:


    Heyyy! It's Nathan Barnatt, what a goofy mofo, but I love him.


    Picked up Plus for the Switch the other day, and I CAN NOT PUT IT DOWN. IT'S AMAZING. I FEEL LIKE I'M A KID AGAIN.


    Love it. And the reversible cover art. O M GAH. So in love.

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  9. 42 minutes ago, Axels said:

    Heya, just passing this along: Katherine/Jayne was having trouble copy/pasting on her Mac using chrome. I use chrome on my PC but can copy/paste just fine. She had to switch to Safari to get it to work. Didn't know if that's on this end though. Just a heads up. She's putting the finishing touches on her interview now!

    You know what? I may actually set up a VM and see if I can sniff this one out. I need a project between semesters. Give me another week to finish this one and I'll see what I can do

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