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  1. I bought a Switch and I fucking love it. That is all.
  2. Oooooh, that was a really good cover. I really liked the use of the melodica (I really want to get one of those at some point, seems like a fun instrument to play).
  3. I agree with this (and all the other points). I know there's the whole "separate the art from the artist", but that breaks down at a certain point. I mean, hell, it's not very entertaining to find out that some of your favorite entertainers are pieces of shit. Kinda ruins the experience. I hate putting it like that because it feels like I'm focusing on me, here. "They should be less shitty so that I can get more enjoyment out of what they do" which really isn't how I mean that. They should be less shitty, because people shouldn't be shitty, but if they are shitty, they should be he
  4. I was really excited about S5. Like, super "let's stay up and watch the trailer and go through the website even though I have to be at work early tomorrow" excited. That whole thing leading up to the release just...I dunno, deflated it. I can't bring myself to watch it. I don't know if I was that particular event specifically, or just kind of a build up from a bunch of stuff like that (Tambor v. Amazon, etc.) I dunno...the more I hear about it, the less I'm excited about it. Kinda sucks...
  5. While that looks really cool....I dunno...it seems like they're trying a little too hard to sell a Tetris game? I mean it uses the Unreal Engine for Christ's sake. I don't know how Earth-shattering a Tetris game can be, but I guess we'll see?
  6. Stilly

    Fallout 76

    I'm excited, I've honestly loved just about everything Fallout related. I'm down.
  7. Lol, that implosion happened a lot sooner than I thought it was going to. Fuck her.
  8. You guys look awesome, looks like it was a bunch of fun!
  9. Yeah, that's likely one of the settings not being set properly and it's giving 100% at all times. If you've found a solution that works for you, rock on, that's awesome. If you ever want to learn how to tinker with linux or systems like that, the setup you've got is PERFECT for it. You don't really have to worry about bricking the thing, as everything is essentially self-contained on the SD card. I've got four or five SD cards sitting around that each have a different project on them, and I can swap them out and it's a essentially a completely different machine. Check i
  10. Hmm...I've never had an issue with overheating, regardless of the project. I wish there were some kind of logs I could look at to see if something was wrong. Forgive me if you've said it elsewhere, but what model Pi are you using? I've worked with just about every model and I've yet to have heating issues. Your setup sounds pretty solid, and I commend you. I had to set up six systems just like that I couple years back, and it is not a super easy task. I also got to play with some of the bells and whistles and was able to get the little video previews of each game workin
  11. My current pride and joy: Saw mc in concert with @MetalHeart and CJ and it was a blast. Got him to sign my record sleeve, and it's now the prized piece in my collection!
  12. Someone pointed out that makes 101 episodes, which puts it over the minimum 100 for syndication. R&M FOREVEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR
  13. Not an EP, but they made the distinction that it's a full friggin' album!!! Cannot wait!
  14. I finished a couple episodes, and it seems to flow better. There are some new jokes here and there to keep it fresh for people who are returning to the series. I can't seem to find the original cut of season 4, but it would be nice to be able to actually compare the two.
  15. It's at the top now, and it doesn't really take up much room, even on mobile. I'm really bad about checking here on a day-to-day basis (see 2010-2017) but I feel like an ass. Hopefully this will help this part.
  16. Fuck, I know you're not looking for apologies, but I'm really sorry. I've not been around much because school and Jenn's health, ugh...I feel like shit, I was trying to do the birthday threads for a while and I got side-tracked again. Fuck, I'm going to try to do this right now.
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