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  1. On 4/27/2018 at 7:16 AM, Donatella said:

    It was my birthday yesterday and I didn't get a single birthday wish from any Hondonian

    Fuck, I know you're not looking for apologies, but I'm really sorry. I've not been around much because school and Jenn's health, ugh...I feel like shit, I was trying to do the birthday threads for a while and I got side-tracked again.


    5 hours ago, Drifter said:

    it doesn't need to be a pop up or anything, just move the stupid birthday notice to the top of the page near the search bar or something

    Fuck, I'm going to try to do this right now.

  2. On 4/13/2018 at 12:36 PM, Lorelei said:

    is this nu-metal?

    Eh, not really. Wiki lists them as Heavy / Doom Metal / Hard Rock / Psych Rock / Prog. Rock which is close. I saw someone recently refer to them as Scooby-Doom Metal, which kinda feels like an accurate description. The lead singer changes his persona with each album, but it's always an Anti-Pope (well...Cardinal this time) of sorts. There's an interesting story from album to album, and the music is pretty good.


    Is fun.

  3. On 5/26/2016 at 12:11 PM, C_U_SPACECOWBOY said:



    I just put in my pre-order for this baby at Iam8bit, the site that put out the really nice Hotline Miami 2 set! Soundtrack is by Disasterpeace, who also did the fantastic soundtrack to 'It Follows'

    Hey, if anyone in the General DFW area is still looking for this one, my local shop has it for about $30-40. Lemme know and I'll shoot you the info.

  4. @Axels



    That's what I've got.


    So here's my theory on the issue, because this is as good a place as any. There are several tiers of members / mods on Hondo's with different levels of permissions:


    • "Voyeurs" or guests 
      • Guest accounts that either never posted, or registered but never followed up.
    • Standard Member
      • The common rabble. Most of these are people from the long long ago.
    • "Veterans"
      • The majority of the people who post nowadays. People who have been around forever.
    • Mods / Drunken Deputies
      • Mods who have been around forever as well, but don't have admin privileges.
    • Me
      • I have a combo of mod and (some) admin privileges. I have access to the AdminCP. Throw a star next to this, because I'm coming back to it.
    • The NZA
      • The all-knowing, all-seeing, Eye of Sauron that lords over Hondo's. He alone has all admin privileges.
    Ok, so. I believe that the ability to merge posts / threads is somewhere in the User Group permissions settings. I've been there a lot, and I combed through it like hell the last time this came up (and I worked there extensively during the upgrade last year). Long story short, if the permission exists and can be applied to a user group, I do not have access to that setting.
    The only person would be The NZA, but I'm not sure if he knows where to look. Because I cannot see the setting, I can't really tell him where to look because it's effectively a blind goose chase at this point.
    It used to be a setting that was available to me, but the upgrade put certain things behind another layer of lock and key. The fun part is, I can edit any other user group except The NZA's or my own, which makes sense, but it would be nice to give myself more "power", but I can see how that opens up things for abuse, etc., etc., etc.
    So basically:
    I want to fix it, but my hands are tied at this level.
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  5. @Jumbie, it doesn't look like it can be reverted directly. I've edited the post, as best as I could figure it out. That was kinda cool. I will try to figure out a good solution for this, but right now, it might just be easier to copy the text, nuke the post, and then paste it in without formatting, which is essentially what I did to your post.

  6. 8 minutes ago, The NZA said:

    man, i wish walmart out here had shit on wax! im guessing you meant online though 

    Yep, online with free shipping to your closest store in most cases.


    8 minutes ago, The NZA said:

    checked stilly's collection to get salty about demon days again

    Don't worry. It popped up on Amazon a couple days ago with info about a repressing that comes out next Friday. The info is gone, but it's a huge possibility!!!

  7. 9 minutes ago, Mr. Hakujin said:

    what is your budget for a "good deal" on a new album

    Yeah, $20-25, but I've paid $50 for a couple brand new ones. I'm not going to lie, it can be expensive, and it doesn't compete with streaming as far as convenience / price.


    I like the whole experience. I like the physical aspect of it. I like having to go through a process to listen to the music. It just feels more, I dunno, concrete?


    In a less hipster way of putting it, I like the inconvenience. I like having the physical collection of music. I grew up during the advent of the mp3, this is a whole new thing. It feels more permanent than downloading/streaming something and discarding it afterwards. I have to carefully figure out whether or not I want an album, and if it's worth paying that much for it. I dunno, I like the overall experience of vinyl, and digging through the crates looking for a good deal, and discovering new music, and on and on and on.


    Forgot to mention Discogs as well in my last post. It's a huge online marketplace made up of record collectors. You can get some awesome stuff on there. The app is incredible, and you can scan the UPC on the back of whatever album you're looking at in-store, and it'll tell you if it's overpriced. There's a lot more functionality, but that's probably 50% of my use of it.

  8. Check out /r/VinylDeals on reddit. You may not always find exactly what you're looking for, but you can get some kickass deals there from time to time. A couple weeks back, I was able to get 3 records I had been looking for for the price of what 1 of them cost in a store I frequent.


    The seller Get_importcds on ebay usually has fantastic deals. Right now, they're running 20% off $60+, and eBay proper is running an additional 15% off $50+ (which totally stacks), so you can get some good things. Get_importcds also has free shipping on most (if not all) of their sales.


    I basically just keep an eye out on VinylDeals. You'll see a lot of Amazon / eBay / Wal-Mart / Best Buy on there with a few others from time to time. I have signed up for accounts with a bunch of random retailers, and I'll get coupons every now and then. Books-A-Million runs ads/coupons frequently, and if you pay for a membership ($25/year, I think), they give you a shit ton of 20% coupons and whatnot.



    Welcome to your new obsession.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Donatella said:

    Maybe I can get to a point where I can play the uke AND sing!

    F that. I can maybe barely hum a couple notes while strumming, but that's about it...EXCEPT on "Heart of Gold" by Twenty One Pilots. I can play the uke and sing that one for some reason.


    Also, fellow ukes unite! I picked up a cheapo one last year for the same reasons. 

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  10. That one looks like a Sonic / Doom combo with the billboard 3d and the color palette. I kinda like it.


    Edit: HA! It is! It's running on the doom engine! I'm a hopeless nerd!

  11. Jesus, I bought close to more than twenty records this week, and I still have some that are in the mail. I'm just going to list them. I'm counting the ones from the last major post. Tax refund is a hell of a drug...


    • My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts (With etching on side 4)
    • Stranger Things Vol. 1 (Blue/Red Splatter)
    • Akira Symphonic Suite
    • Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
    • Barry Manilow - One Voice .... I spent $3 on this so I could have the sample used by Daft Punk
    • Huey Lewis and The News - Fore!
    • Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    • Michael Jackson - Thriller (sans Billie Jean, that track has been played to death)
    • The Who - Who's Next
    • Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
    • Tycho - Awake
    • Michel Camilo - S/T
    • Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz
    • The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out
    • Monty Python - Instant Record Collection
    • Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong
    • The XX - XX
    • Ghost - Infestissumam (Translucent Blood Red)
    • Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory - Portal Original Soundtrack (White and Grey split)
    • The Flaming Lips - With A Little Help From My Fwends (Translucent neon orange w/ CD)

    • mc chris - Dungeon Master of Ceremonies

    • Radiohead - Kid A (12")

    • Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2

    • Aphex Twin - Syro

    • Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album

    • The Crystal Method - Vegas

    Those last 6 are still on order, AND I signed up for VMP and I'm getting a legit copy of Demon Days out of it. A lot of those are used, all of the ones I ordered online were SUPER cheap (ended up getting Kid A for $11 with free shipping, mc chris is coming with a bunch of other cool shit).


    I think I have a problem collection.


    I'm at peace with spending this nice chunk of coin on this. In recent years I would spent more than this on new vape crap, but I don't do that anymore, so I was able to get all these PLUS put a huge chunk in savings for what I would have wasted on vape, so net gain!

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  12. There are three games:

    1. DeathSpank (or Deathspank: Orphans of Justice)
    2. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
    3. The Baconing

    If I remember correctly, The Baconing was made after Hothead and Ron parted ways (for reasons that still aren't discussed at family get togethers), but is probably my favorite game in the series. Unfortunately, it was also Hothead's last non-mobile title, which stinks (IMO), but whatever works works, right?

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