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  1. Alright, new problem!


    The Insane Music Videos thread was bogging down to an extreme level (it took over a minute to load on my end, and I know it was taking @Da Cap'n 2099 a while to get it (if at all)). It turns out a post by @Iambaytor on January 13, 2016 eventually bugged out and became a series of embedded iframes that would load the Insane Music Videos thread again, which would then load that particular post (with the bugged out iframes), which would load the page AGAIN, and so on and so forth until the browser gave up.


    I have ended the infinite loop and will try to repair the videos. I'm sorry I had to edit someone else's post, I don't like doing that, and I will try to restore the original content (minus the infinite loop) as soon as possible. Thank you.


    double edit: the original embed code became so corrupted that I was unable to restore the original content. I have no idea what went wrong, but it was likely something to do with how they were embedded at the beginning (not Baytor's fault, mind you, just something odd). I'm sorry. :(

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  2. I've got most of my collection on Discogs. The app works pretty well, and even has barcode scanning. It's helped keep track of which releases I'm looking for, and what I already have. It may not be great, so to speak, but it's the best one I've come across so far.

  3. Chuck Magione represent!



    Also, probably one of my more interesting (to me) parts of my collection, a counterfeit copy of Bread from Goodwill:



    Also, don't even get me started on the amount of Herb Alpert I have now....

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  4. :worship:


    Holy crap, that's a lot of stuffs! I've been eyeing the KALLAX stuff for around tax season. They just built an Ikea near us (also near one of my favorite record shops), so I'll be getting one like that soon! May just start at the 4x for starters like you said, because we could always use the storage!

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  5. They had Origin, Absolution, Showbiz, and Black Holes and Revelations at the place I went today. Wanted all of them reaaaaaaaally badly, but ended up grabbing my first exposure to them. I'm going to have to take a series of pictures of everything I got this year...I kinda got outta hand...




    Those are incredible finds, by the way! A huge portion of my collection is from Goodwill / Half Price Books. One day I walked out of Goodwill with Saturday Night Fever, Lionel Richie, and Rick Astley for $.59 each.


    Picked the limited edition of Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor at HPB for <$15 last week, too. Also, that was less than the gift card I was using, so it felt like it was freeeeeeee!




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  6. Grabbed a couple of my all-time favorites today. First off, the album that got me into MUSE more than a decade ago:


    MUSE - Absolution


    Sound quality is pretty good, but not great. Side A seems slightly off center, especially near the end. Other than that, a fantastic album, and a pretty good pressing. Pales in comparison to my other find. I've been looking for this next one for a while, and I've never so much as seen it in store. I don't want to order it online because I have no idea how it's going to look when it finally ends up in my hands, so I've been on the hunt for this one.


    Boards of Canada - Geogaddi


    Only got into BoC because of @MetalHeart, so this is ALL YOUR FAULT. This pressing is AMAZING, and completely blows me out of the water. It's a 3 LP pressing, and side 6 has an incredible etching. It was supposed to come with a sticker, but my copy didn't, but it's just so amazing to have this in my hands.


    Finally, here's what my beautiful wife got me for Christmas this year:


    Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (2017 Definitive Edition)


    Absolute perfection, and one of my favorite albums ever. I cannot tell you how much she knocked it out of the park on this one. Sound quality is perfect, art quality is perfect, it even has a booklet about the making of the album. 11/10

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  7. I know, I've just felt like crap for letting that slip. I had a couple on my local machine that were partially done, but not to the point where I'm comfortable showing them.


    Color schemes / logos about the size of the current logo would be awesome and doable, though.

  8. Yes, that would be entirely possible. I was ultimately trying to get there, and well, life took over. The majority of the original styles were lost. The images and stuff are still kicking around, but the look and feel were lost to the ages, and...to be completely honest, nobody was really asking for it.


    I dropped the ball a bit on this one, I'll admit.


    Long story short, if we can come up with color schemes / icons or what have you, I can totally implement them. If things are just essentially recolors of the current set up, I can do it even faster.


    Just let me know. I think, with all things considered, I bit off a little more than I was able this time.

  9. Spoiler

    F̴͉U̻͖̳̲̙̜͡C̞̼͟K̘I̷͕N̴G̥͇͎ ͇̥̜̬̱͚̯M̱Ó̹̻̝͈͎͉NI͙K̪̰̺̟̳ͅA̛̮͕̪͖̮̲M̮̖̕M̻̝̙̫̠͍̱M̸͙̩M͏̳͚͔̼̯̼M̼͎͓̝M̦̼̹̭͉M҉̩M̝̗̪̯̝̥̕ͅM͕̳̼̩͔̦M̡͕M̙̫͇M̢M̢͇̩M̵̩Ṃ̡̙̦̙M̳̰̥͍͕̜MM̪̠͖̤̲̩M̩̰ͅM͙̥͕͇M҉̬̼̩̗̥̫̞Ṃ͙M͏͔̝͔ͅM̪̺̙̱̞M͓͕̗̣̰M͖͍̼͎͠M͓͎̥M̀M̟͍͖̝̙M͇̺M͙̗̭͕͎͝M̪͕͎̜̖͓͡ͅM̡̻̫͚͖̱M̧̖̦͔̬͈ͅM͏Ṃ̶͙̺̪MM̝̭̝M̛̞͉̞͚M͔͓̭̀M̟̳̦̩̹͎͓MM̴̭̖̤̳M͉̙͈̤̭͇͘M̶̹̥̠̠̩M͚̯͕̺Ḿ͓͓̱̥ͅMM̻͚̯̞M̡̻M̵͍M̦̬͟M̤̲M͖M̢̳M͍̳͚M̢̪̟͉̙̲M͞M̨̘̘̹̪M̷̼̱̣͓̯̫̺M̬͔̰̪̫͚M̙͎̪̩̺͘M͙̗͉̮͈M̩̱M̪̗̯̹M̮͓̠̯̬M̧̮̗MṂ̝̖͔M̛M͖̗͎̫̟͖͕M̥͖M̞̞̩M͍̮̦̰̲͇M͔̟M̢M̪͍͖̝MṂ̬̘͎͔̠̻M̷̦̹͔M̬̞̭ͅM̵͔̲̱̗͎̫̭M̗͙̟̳̮̲


    Seriously, though, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've gotten several people I work with to play it, and it's fun watching it spread.

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  10. AskReddit is my #1 go-to before I fall asleep. I find a good question and read some of the answers and it helps me unwind at the end of the day. Love me some reddits.


    Also, if you're a nosleep fan, check out some of the weird stuff on /r/IIA. One of my favorite series is his "Far too many...." stories ("Runners", I think is the series title). Weird body horror. You'll love it.

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  11. So, I modified an old bit of code I wrote that generated text based on a library of other text. I originally used it for a H.P. Lovecraft twitter bot.


    Anyway, here's 185 lines of randomly generated NIN lyrics. Some interesting stuff, some not so much. It's fun.


  12. I was going to make a full post about this game, but life has gotten in the way. This may or may not be a placeholder. Regardless, you should play this game.


    ALSO, GO INTO IT BLIND. I will tell you that the warnings at the beginning of the game have weight to them. It looks like a cutesy Visual Novel, but it....well, it's not. If you aren't a fan of Visual Novels (or harem-style anime), just keep playing through it.


    Yes, it's a horror game. No, I won't tell you anything else. Just play it. It's free on Steam and absolutely worth it.


    The trailers tell you nothing about the game, but look out for spoilers all over YouTube



    It just won a BUNCH of awards. Total sleeper hit of the year.




    Here's the Steam link.

    Here's the website link where you can get the game DRM free.


    Trust me on this one. It's an amazing game that will fuck you up for a while.

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  13. I don't think it's really "social media"-fying anything (although forums are social media whether we like it or not). I'm with Nemo on this one. I don't always have the time to write out a full response (especially lately), but I still read through the boards as much as possible, and this gives me the ability to comment without commenting, you know? Granted, I have unlimited, so I'm biased on this point, but I feel it should be opened for all. It takes no extra resources and it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  14. Aaaaaaaaand now for my triumphant return...


    Nick, in the AdminCP, that's under Members>Groups>Social near the bottom. There, you can set the number of reactions per day, and whether or not that group can view who reacted. Personally, I vote for unlimited for all, and allowing everyone to see who reacted.


    I mean, honestly, there's only one negative reaction. Worst case scenario, you could make that neutral so nobody could "take" reputation away. I don't think I've seen anyone "downvote" anyone around here, though.


    That being said, I wanna add a whooooole bunch of different reactions now that I know where they are, lol.

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  15. Ok, so I played around with it a bit and fixed the issue with chatty so that I don't need an extra skin to keep it from showing up in the forums. So I killed sans chatty, because it was now redundant.


    I have replaced sans chatty with Hondos X.0 - Widescreen, so the choice is up to the user. If you want wide, go with widescreen. Want extra space, go with the standard. Bada bing, bada boom.


    Also, after all this time, this is my 1000th post. Woo!

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