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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee You're back!!! <3

  2. you see what happens when youre away too long, laurenorz?! haters bomb you with 3 stars and shit. its ridiculous.

  3. oh, you little scallywag, laurenorz. if only i had AIM access at work, im certain i coudl find you, but sadly, im left with your comment box as you scamper about. We eagerly await your return here, love.

  4. I'm coming to Orlando with my friends to chillax at a resort nearby after I graduate... I come in the 22nd of may and leave the 27th.


  5. The nick demands details of your future FL exploits. and toast.

  6. You still in Ireland, girly? Its like youve discovered penis and forgot about hondo's. I weep.

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