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  2. *BUMP and update and edit to add more books* I've finally gotten off my ass and started a full library write up in case anyone is interested. Just PM Me.... more to come... Marvel Double Feature #1 (Capt America and Iron Man) Captain America(Vol1) # 145, 147, 167, 201, 202, 204, 205, 208, 209, 210, 211, 214, 268, 383, 388, 393, 394, 400, 401, 408-414, 417-423, 425-435, 437-440, 442-452, 454 Annuals # 12, 13 Captain America (Vol2) # 1-13 Captain America (Vol3) # 1-16 Captain America: The Medusa Effect Punisher/Captain America - Blood And Glory # 1-3 The Invaders in M
  3. No idea. The wife was the one who talked to him. And for our next serious convention we are thinking about going to Dragon Con in August.
  4. The wife read the first series and is working on the new set. She really likes both the art and the story. We met him at NY Comicon last year and the author signed the entire set for her. Really nice guy and easy to talk to.
  5. Wynantskill, NY.... Wait? What do you mean you have no idea where that is? Upstate... yes.. there is something outside of the City... Fraggin n00bs...
  6. Just thought I'd push this back up the list a little for those who might have missed it. I still have alot of the titles listed previously. Plus the independants. With the independant stuff.. as previously stated its alot of Valiant, Epic, Dark Horse, etc. Most from the 90's.
  7. This thread has gone terribly terribly awry...
  8. Ok. I'm not sure if this post belongs here, but I started it, so I figure I'll continue it. Among the comic books I got recently was an issue of Superman #82 where he returns for good in the Blue and Red. What I didnt notice at first was that the words "Reign of the Supermen was cutoff at the top. As was the "By Jurgens and Breeding" notation on the left hand side. The oddest thing is that the cover appears to be on backwards and upside down. If you look at the Cover right side up, the spine and staples are actually on the RIGHT hand side. Anyone seen or heard of this? Have a clue ho
  9. Thanks to Stumble... i found this...
  10. Here is one of my favs...Gianna Michaels...
  11. Michigan. Somehow I'm not surprised.
  12. I could at least understand it if the Feminists were pissed off... but the GLBT crowd? I'd be willing to bet its just someone wanting to hear themselves bitch.
  13. I think its a great idea Nick.. youre talking ALOT of code though for the web end.
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