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  1. Ahem... http://hondosbar.com/forum//index.php?/topic/12978-the-new-valiant/page__hl__valiant__fromsearch__1
  2. Over the years I've done quite a bit of flip-flopping on the subject. Going through phases. First butts then tits then butts again. Right now I'm into tits, I think. Can we have the ladies of Hondos post pics to find out? For science.
  3. I was spoilered (my word) to the ending before I watched it and it still hurt :(
  4. It looks like they're making a NO of it. It looks like I... augh... can't say it... gotta clench my teeth *inhales* Iagreewithbaytor
  5. I feel like the gimmick zombies each episode is getting a little old. Pretty soon they'll encounter skateboard zombies or something.
  6. I'm sure if there's a threat of cancelation, John will conveniently have a case in Starling City or something.
  7. Five episodes in and this series is ok. Good... but nowhere near great. Still, it's better than Gotham (which has gotten a little better lately). Dude that plays John is good. No complaints there. The rest of the actors? Need so acting lessons. Lastly, to anyone that bitched and moaned about the smoking thing? Dude, smokes EVERY episode! They just do clever things to make sure you don't see him taking a drag. It cracks me up actually.
  8. Agreed with all points here. Still, I liked the episode.
  9. I really wasn't expecting much from this episode. Introducing a chick that's so obsessed with the hero she becomes a villain is so played. But wow! One of the best episodes of the season. Easter eggs galore. Some subtle. Most not so subtle. Loved it!
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