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  1. Wow! I should probably tell Pat to put that on my list. That's if I ever make it down there in the first place. Miami seems so far away. :(
  2. Yeah so they just finished filming this one and I know we all have something nice to say. Of course me personally, ack can't even believe J-lo is in this one. Why Kevin Why!! :( Anyhow, check out this link. It's for a behind the scenes thing smith did for leno to promote the movie. It's hilarious, I swear. Leno Clip
  3. Yeah had to go for High Fidelity, but that's only my second favorite Cusack film. So where's Serendipity, sappy i know or even Pushing Tin, come on it's got angelina jolie and good ol billy bob? I'm glad that someone finally put up this poll, cause Cusack is one of my all time favs. I'm such a dork.
  4. Nonsense, just lazy comic readers on our hands. They miss out on the whole experience. Waiting months on months, then the inevitable suprise in MY box. I think it really adds something don't ya think? B)
  5. Wow, what do I say about issure 20? Everytime I read a new issue I think, "That was awesome, it doesn't get any better than that!" But then he puts out another issue and I'm humbled. His writing has always been phonomenal, but with every issue there is never a slow slump unlike Salvation for Preacher, but again there's always a reason for the madness. As for solely on issue 20, I was already sold on this series way back on what issue 1? But let me tell you this... Semi-Spoiler That one spread, yeah that one, had me jumping and screaming "HOLY SHIT!. This is so FREAKING AWESOME
  6. I really can't believe that there was no thread for this series until now. Straczynski's really an amazing writer. He use to write for that Sci-fi show, Babaylon 5 and he's now one of my all time favorite new comic writers. He finished with Midnight Nation, another fucking amazing series. He's currently writing for Rising Stars and Amazing Spiderman. Both which he's stopping soon. I don't know what he's gonna be doing after these series finish up. But here's your chance to get in on the groud floor and catch up to everyone else who's been diligently reading his stuff. Rising Sta
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