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    Panch told me about it
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    I play guitar and sing in the punk band Desistance
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    I dunno, I'm new here.
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    myspace.com/rictorblackbus, myspace.com/spacestation5, myspace.com/rictorandthezombiesquad
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    My most influential record is The Ramones' "End of the Century." It was my late uncle's record and my 1st punk record.
  1. random musical reminiscing on this rainy Miami day...Anyone remember Sponge? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY3NqMojwZA
  2. Keeping my PMA up with The Wonder Years: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xi70pBgqeE
  3. non-sequitor. check out my new band, Desistance http://www.facebook.com/desistancepunk Get free music and check out the videos!
  4. hey, hope youre doing alright man, and happy birthday, wee bit in advance.

  5. Here's an upcoming show for ya. Saturday, Nov 4th @ Kaffe Krystal (sw 107th ave and Sunset Dr.) THE INDEPENDENTS THE COFFIN CADDIES BRAND NAME PUNK ...and Rictor's own SPACE STATION 5! also: Breaking-Thru, The Mutiny, Jupiter Uprising, Domination, 200 Proof, Ozium, Grumpy Marthas, Three Beef Burritos and Fugitive It's 10 bux at the door, or contact me for $8 pre-sale tix. and then.... November, 25 2006 at The Roxy 1645 sw 107th ave, miami, Florida 33179 Cost: 8/ 10 @ door (sontact me for $8 pre-sale tix!) Stars are falling & Sunday Driver, SPACE STA
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