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  1. Not sure what I was expecting, but God damn that looks good!
  2. That's great to hear, but obviously let me know if help is needed in the future. I'm always willing to step up.
  3. What's the story here man? How much do we need to raise?
  4. Is it animated or live action?
  5. Yep! Thing has happened and I'm very excited for more things to follow. I'm also really enjoying this. As said recently on another thread, the Disney+ shows are doing a lot more for me than the last few movies.
  6. If you were to sell me Moon Knight on one or two trades, what would they be?
  7. Just hope they keep some of the Netflix grit and grime. We don't need heads being impaled on fences, but I don't want them to MCUise him too much or else what's the point of bringing his version back?
  8. Yeah, Daredevil and seasons 1 of Punisher and Jessica Jones are still the peak of Marvel's output for me. Street level has always been my shit, there's a reason Daredevil, Punisher, and the more grounded Spidey and Wolverine stories are my favourites to read. I'm really enjoying Hawkeye as well, episode 3 is the best so far, great chase scene. I honestly have never read Moonknight, I tried reading a suggested reading order but it started with his origin and I couldn't get through it.
  9. So what did we think of Shang Chi? I enjoyed it, I liked Shang Chi and The Mandarin, his motives were better than most of the MCU villains. I do feel a little bit of cookie cuter fatigue creeping in for me though. The fighting wasn't anywhere near as revolutionary as I was hoping. I find myself being more excited for the tv shows now than the movies, maybe because they can tell more long form stories and aren't as tied to the often bland third act final battle.
  10. Not accurate. Season 1 is definitely the best season, it's a little more serious/believable but still also fun. After season 1 it becomes more melodramatic, crazier and pretty stupid...but I still love it's cheesy goodness. Don't go in expecting Breaking Bad. Go in with a WWF brain turny offy watching mode and you'll love it.
  11. It's sad because it really was a great show, it slowly slid into averageness interspersed with a few great episodes, but then quickly descended into actual crap. I watched a couple of early episodes recently, and God they were night and day. If they weren't willing to finish it they should have walked away and let someone else take over
  12. I'm happy to pay my chunk as one lump sum, instead of the monthly patreon. I can't remember how much I'm currently paying each month. How many others are currently on patreon besides me?
  13. Every review I hear from fans and critics convinces more and more to wait for Disney+.
  14. I'm totally down for a Sci-fi Apocalypto.
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