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  1. I don't really know this character very well, but she's essentially Marvel's Plastic Man (who I'm also not that familiar with honestly) right? If so maybe they don't want to step on Mr. Fantastic's toes as Fantastic Four are on the way soon.
  2. Had you started it? I'm four episodes in, it's not wowing me, but I'm definitely enjoying it, and was looking forward to more. Hopefully it gets picked up.
  3. My cousin said that that was the case, he's a huge anime buff. But I'd go with your recommendation.
  4. Is it just me or was the acting terrible here? So wooden. Felt like a fan movie with money. Slightly related question. I've been advised that I should be watching the dubbed versions of the anime not subs, that the creator considered the dub the better version. Is this true? I usually avoid dubs at all costs.
  5. Well it's back in January of next year, but it's nearly back. Why does twitter embed sometimes but not others?
  6. Intrigued to see where they go with it. I really liked her in Wandavision.
  7. Herogasm has been confirmed for the upcoming season. Apparently it's going to be wild as well.
  8. Cheers Newt. P.s. please post more often.
  9. Not clicking that yet, I've only watched the first two episodes of the anime, and I definitely want to finish that before touching this. When's this dropping?
  10. It's on Disney+ over here, but not debuting until the 22nd. Panch, Jax and Chris were discussing it on facebook but I scrolled past to avoid spoilers.
  11. Yeah, as soon as I hear about this kind of reaction, the same as Nolan and others, I'm like, will ye cop the fuck on. When I think of how grateful I would be to have my short film on even the smallest streaming service, and these guys are crying because their movies are on HBO Max or Disney+, my heart fucking bleeds. It's just egotistical bullshit, this, "The cinema experience is so different to watching at home". Yeah, it is. At home I'm not sitting in chewing gum, with a 6' 9 man sitting in front me (literally happened at Shang Chi) and some teenagers talking (or worse) in the corner. There'
  12. After what they did with Spider-Man I cannot wait to see what they do with Wolverine. I remember loving Wolverine's Revenge back on the PS2, though I'm pretty sure anything Marvel back then had me hooked.
  13. Interesting. I loved the first one, though after watching Akira for the first time, it dipped in my estimation slightly as it wasn't quite as original as I'd thought. Still excited to see where they go with it though.
  14. I really enjoyed episode 2, and loved episode 3. this is exactly what I was looking for in a What If? series. Oh also, shouldn't this thread be in animation? I'm know I'm a mod here but I can't figure any of this shit out.
  15. Hmm. I love the original (though Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari takes overall favourite silent horror movie for me), and we already had a remake by Werner Herzog, I've never seen it but @Choose Life loves it. I'll remain cautiously interested. p.s. I highly recommend the Masters of Cinema bluray of Das Cabinet if you're thinking of checking it out, it's an absolutely beautiful transfer.
  16. Not sure if want. Okay Batman vs Wolverine/Daredevil/Punisher/Spider-Man could be amazing. But nobody on DC's side (except for James Gunn ) is allowed anywhere near it.
  17. So what did people think? I was really disappointed with the first episode, got quite bored halfway through and to be honest if it wasn't MCU I would have turned it off. 4/10
  18. Spoilers won't work for some reason, but "It was ____ all along" was such a perfect moment. Love this show, and really appreciated that they really went with it for the first few episodes. It was brave.
  19. "1995 Bear Picture Nominees" While I like Forest Gump it's not even in the same ball park for me. Shawshank is incredible, but Pulp Fiction is a near perfect film, and for me takes the win.
  20. Yeah, hell of an ending huh? Season 2 is just as fun.
  21. Yeah this is another one that's topped the source material for me. I remember loving the comic (though I never finished it, got up to #100 or so) but after being floored by how good the series was I was a little disappointed at how flat it felt. Now I've only reread the first arc and a half and I remember not being taken by the first arc back in the day as well. But the show just has way more character depth so far, while retaining all of it's mind boggling savagery. I cannot wait for season 2.
  22. Yep. This is straight up way better than the book while still being true to it's essence. It retains Ennis derision of superheroes but does so in a far more mature and balanced way (which is kind of hilarious when you consider how silly this show is). I remember enjoying the book and then just burning out at how cliche Ennisy it became, I returned to it after a long hiatus spurred on by 2t's recommendation to go back and finish it. I did actually enjoy the books ending and Butcher's prequel, but the show is already far superior for me. I'm especially astounded these guys pulled it
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