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  1. Spoilers won't work for some reason, but "It was ____ all along" was such a perfect moment. Love this show, and really appreciated that they really went with it for the first few episodes. It was brave.
  2. "1995 Bear Picture Nominees" While I like Forest Gump it's not even in the same ball park for me. Shawshank is incredible, but Pulp Fiction is a near perfect film, and for me takes the win.
  3. Yeah, hell of an ending huh? Season 2 is just as fun.
  4. Yeah this is another one that's topped the source material for me. I remember loving the comic (though I never finished it, got up to #100 or so) but after being floored by how good the series was I was a little disappointed at how flat it felt. Now I've only reread the first arc and a half and I remember not being taken by the first arc back in the day as well. But the show just has way more character depth so far, while retaining all of it's mind boggling savagery. I cannot wait for season 2.
  5. Yep. This is straight up way better than the book while still being true to it's essence. It retains Ennis derision of superheroes but does so in a far more mature and balanced way (which is kind of hilarious when you consider how silly this show is). I remember enjoying the book and then just burning out at how cliche Ennisy it became, I returned to it after a long hiatus spurred on by 2t's recommendation to go back and finish it. I did actually enjoy the books ending and Butcher's prequel, but the show is already far superior for me. I'm especially astounded these guys pulled it
  6. Woo hoo! Love is for you getting your job back, as I can't access this archive cos I'm a filthy European.
  7. To go along with my hipster beard, I'm obliged to declare that I was into sea shanties before it was cool. I fucking love traditional folk songs which sea shanties are basically a subgenre of. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are legendary over here and are no strangers to a good shanty. Also, in case your blood is now pumping around your body at such a rate you're afraid you heart is going to explode, here's possibly the saddest song I've ever heard to bring you back down. It's not a shanty, but it's one of my favourite ever songs.
  8. Cheers, just wasn't sure if it had been turned off for non admins or something.
  9. Am I blind, or do I no longer have the option for spoiler tags?
  10. I'm also really enjoying it so far. Friday's episode was just what was needed after the slow drip of hints we'd been getting (though I've loved and am looking forward to the next sitcom worlds she concocts).
  11. Is this just dlc or a full new game?
  12. I waited a few years to dive into the ps4, and I'm very happy I waited. Not only did I get an informed perspective on which console suited me, but I also got a perfected version of the ps4. Along with that I got so many games at severely discounted rates, I only spent over €30 on three games this/last gen, Spider-Man, Fifa 20 and Red Dead 2 (which was my only launch purchase). I've still loads of games left to play and even some from the ps3/360 gen to get around to. Have to say though, that new joypad has me very excited to try it out.
  13. It really does look awful. Like, astoundingly ugly, but I'm still really looking forward to picking one up in 26 months time.
  14. Thanks so much Ross, really appreciate the support. We're having so much fun with it. I've a few spin off ideas in mind regarding the pixel art as well, hopefully I can pull them off.
  15. Here's all the episodes we've released so far. From episode 2 I've been making custom pixel art each week.
  16. That looks like a complete breath of fresh air. as much as I've loved the MCU so far, I do think they definitely need to start mixing it up and telling very different types of stories, this seems a good start. Long form series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Punisher feel the closest we've gotten to the monthly comic book experience on screen. My dream would be a a 5/6 season adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man, but obviously never going to happen.
  17. What kind of spec difference are we seeing between the S and the X? Don't say E. Either way, I'm not going near next gen any time soon. I only joined current gen less than two years ago, and I've so many discounted games still to play.
  18. I still need to finish Samurai Jack, but very intrigued by this.
  19. I'll be honest, I clicked like before even listening to it, there's no way to fuck that up. Also, before entering the thread I was sure you posted this: X-Men: The Animated Series boss responds to revival rumours
  20. Cheers man, I've just spent all day applying to a lot of them, apparently it can take up to 10 days to get a response though? Did you find that?
  21. The internet has been clambering for it, and now we finally provide it. A movie discussion podcast! Below is the first episode, obviously quite long, but if anyone has feedback on even a part of it or the first few minutes we'd love to hear it.
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