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  1. Thanks so much Ross, really appreciate the support. We're having so much fun with it. I've a few spin off ideas in mind regarding the pixel art as well, hopefully I can pull them off.
  2. Here's all the episodes we've released so far. From episode 2 I've been making custom pixel art each week.
  3. That looks like a complete breath of fresh air. as much as I've loved the MCU so far, I do think they definitely need to start mixing it up and telling very different types of stories, this seems a good start. Long form series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Punisher feel the closest we've gotten to the monthly comic book experience on screen. My dream would be a a 5/6 season adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man, but obviously never going to happen.
  4. What kind of spec difference are we seeing between the S and the X? Don't say E. Either way, I'm not going near next gen any time soon. I only joined current gen less than two years ago, and I've so many discounted games still to play.
  5. I still need to finish Samurai Jack, but very intrigued by this.
  6. I'll be honest, I clicked like before even listening to it, there's no way to fuck that up. Also, before entering the thread I was sure you posted this: X-Men: The Animated Series boss responds to revival rumours
  7. Cheers man, I've just spent all day applying to a lot of them, apparently it can take up to 10 days to get a response though? Did you find that?
  8. The internet has been clambering for it, and now we finally provide it. A movie discussion podcast! Below is the first episode, obviously quite long, but if anyone has feedback on even a part of it or the first few minutes we'd love to hear it.
  9. What are people's thoughts so far? Is it basically Japanese Red Dead II?
  10. I can't wait to play this in a year or two.
  11. Just watched the first episode, I enjoyed it. Wish I had some weed to accompany it though.
  12. I fucking love Alabama Shakes (That may be for a different thread though.)
  13. I heard the new episode was a let down, but anybody looking for more Joe Exotic should check out Louis Theroux's "Beware the Tiger" episode on Netflix (Irish Netflix anyway, not sure about the U.S.). I knew I had seen Joe Exotic before, but couldn't remember where. Good stuff though, it basically works as a prequel to Tiger King.
  14. Post Malone is an actual musician? I thought he was some kind delusional wannabe celebrity or something. God, I really have no idea about what's going on in mainstream music.
  15. I've only heard one of her songs (the big one) and thought it was fine. I'd never put it on, but I wouldn't turn it off either. Is she generally considered annoying?
  16. They all look terrible except for the last two. For some reason whenever I see game themed consoles and joypads I think of Milhouse on Halloween.
  17. My love of wrestling as a kid is only matched by my revulsion of so many aspects of wrestling I've learned about as an adult. I still have great respect for the wrestlers themselves, and love watching docuseries about their trade etc but Jesus Christ is it a fucked up industry.
  18. I saw there was an update, and scrolled through the posts saw a post from Stilly from April and liked it, then realised it was April 2019. Ah well, same thing.
  19. Yeah just finished Avenue 5, I definitely enjoyed it, some fantastic characters and episodes, but I wouldn't quite put it in the same category as what I mentioned above. I'm still looking forward to season 2 though. Speaking of scifi, I need to pop into the Picard thread to break down the season.
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