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Found 4 results

  1. holy hell - the classics, the alphas and even the original one! boy, that SFII port to switch this year is really looking silly now
  2. Lost this thread too. Anybody else use this? Here are a couple I made. Pretty fun to play with, but not very precise.
  3. *DISCLAIMER: "rumor", as ever, very possibly means "entirely bullshit" okay, so nintendo dev kits are starting to make their way out, and we're seeing lots of info circulating about 2 of the 3 next gen systems - since the WU is officially (re)debuting at E3, and releasing this year, while MS is expected in 2013, let's talk about microsoft first. yesterday @ IGN few things: 1) AMD gets tricky with their numbering sometimes, so some peg that 6670=5770 = 4850, which was a midrange 2010 card. it's not bad, certainly a big leap from what the 360 has. 2) i'm not putting too m
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