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Found 4 results

  1. holy hell - the classics, the alphas and even the original one! boy, that SFII port to switch this year is really looking silly now
  2. Lost this thread too. Anybody else use this? Here are a couple I made. Pretty fun to play with, but not very precise.
  3. *DISCLAIMER: "rumor", as ever, very possibly means "entirely bullshit" okay, so nintendo dev kits are starting to make their way out, and we're seeing lots of info circulating about 2 of the 3 next gen systems - since the WU is officially (re)debuting at E3, and releasing this year, while MS is expected in 2013, let's talk about microsoft first. yesterday @ IGN few things: 1) AMD gets tricky with their numbering sometimes, so some peg that 6670=5770 = 4850, which was a midrange 2010 card. it's not bad, certainly a big leap from what the 360 has. 2) i'm not putting too much into "raw computing power" on any of these, and here's why: if you gauged based on this alone, the PS3 would've slaughtered the 360 this gen, as the cell is ideal for this, as i understand it; pairing it with a low-end/bottlenecked GPU and the same low RAM (but not dynamically shared, as MS was wise to do) and none of that mattered. i'm saing we need to see full specs to get a better picture, though i do trust MS to take dev input and build something that doesn't waste its parts. 3) this kinda confirms some of the underpowered/less of a generational leap talk we've been hearing, and i think that fits because not only does everyone want costs lower, resources are gonna be used for other stuff - new Kinect possibly draws more, and MS has already said they wan this to be a multimedia box more than anything (cue JZA jokes), so i'm thinking they might allocate more resources for that. if one company has tapped out the "core" market, it's probably them so i personally wouldn't be surprised if their next box is aimed at something more blue ocean strategy - it'll still prolly be a beast, but again, not what some are hoping for is my guess. 4) the 20% yield vs Wii-U bit is kinda telling too - nintendo's still on track with their early release to be the lowest in power of the next gen, but we're going to see much closer system parity across the board. not surprising, as i can't imagine many devs not wanting easier ports across the 3. then today, kotaku posted this. 1) no surprises here; both MS & nintendo look to use proprietary versions of blu-ray for space. PS3 keeps it for easier backwards compatibility (speaking of, one of these rumors showed MS has pushing for 100% BC, good on them). 2) not liking the vague anti-used games shit one bit 3) Kinect having an internal processor should mean less demand on the CPU, but i literally have no idea how this works or what they intend for it, past using it as a navigational device - bundling it is smart for casuals/etc but i hope they have more in mind for it then tacking it on like in Mass Effect 3. 4) smaller controller sounds fine; fuck logan and you big-handed freaks 5) full article goes on to say it doesn't debunk the IGN rumors either, read it at the link if you like. more as it comes - nintendo assassins are keeping everyone but capcom's boy Ono quiet at the moment, likely for maximum exposure at E3. I like them when they're hungry like this, so hopefully big news - if these rumors are true though, MS would be giving them a 1-year headstart, and of course we've got literally nothing on Sony, but even with them wanting to drag things out & maximize profits, can you really picture them giving nintendo nearly 2 years and MS a full year again? E3 should be...interesting.
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