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Found 3 results

  1. The making of the Playstation. From Edge Magazine #200
  2. Let's just post game trailers about game we think are going to be hot and just talk about it. One good look at Rogue Galaxy and I'm like wow!!! This game looks like a great epic. Rogue Galaxy
  3. So, I think that the game Yandere Simulator deserves to have it's own thread here and it seems to have very high potential to be an excellent game. Before I explain about the game, I would have to explain the word Yandere. Yandere is a portmanteau of the word Yanderu, meaning Mental Illness, and Deredere, meaning Showing Affection, both Japanese Words. Essentially, it's someone who loves someone to the point that they would murder someone for that person. With that being said, Yandere Simulator allows you to play a Yandere called Ayano Aishi, who is an emotionless girl who has gone he
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