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Found 1 result

  1. 3 fucking classics, 2 of which ive recently seen in blu-ray and were glorious. i mostly wanted this thread to talk about not just effects/visuals but how thematically & otherwise, these flicks have aged like fine wine - i thought about putting Aliens down but it feels more action-heavy than the others, certainly on the table though. Blade Runner - only a few years ago did i realize the profound effect this one had; it all but created neo-noir, and japanese game developers (Kojima so hard) took/still take from this constantly. Binary Domain comes out next month from the Yakuza team, and that's just the most modern lovenote to this one. The visuals literally have no reason for looking as fantastic as they do for a film from fucking 1982, but so many themes here on identity...i could watch this one every year. Alien - i wanted to do a thread on how amazing watching 1 & 2 again last week was, and how i see what Fincher & Whedon wanted with 3 before the studio fucked with it, but killing bishop & hicks offscreen was such bullshit and i cant even get into 4 again (sorry ryan, might try before Prometheus just to lower the bar though), and how i keep talking to LL that Ripley should've been adopted as the greatest hero of modern feminism or something, because goddamn. but despite how 2 was an absolute classic (and amazing summer blockbuster action flick) that Halo and so, so many other franchises owe their existence to, 1 was tense enough to be categorized in horror, i think - giger set pieces, isolation and complete shock (LL was right - not just the belly-bursting, but also finding out this dude was an android), and some fantastic scenes from the director's cut showing Ripley's transformation to a badasss, just so good. I knew Metroid was a love-letter, but ship props and shit from 1979 are present today in Mass Effect and tons of others. I really think this one can't be oversold. The Thing - the other day baytor was saying some of the effects look dated, and i haven't seen it super-recently or in a high def format so that's entirely possible too. even so,the tension this one creates is something i've seen emulated/tried for countless times since and it's never hit the high notes this one does - if i had to rate my favorite endings to films of any genre, i still think this one would be top 10, if not top 5. it conveys all the right info without treating the audience like it needs excess exposition to get it, as well. it's a really tough call for me, personally.
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