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Found 4 results

  1. Over on Facebook I had some praise for CM Punk's work in WWE. Nick/NZA responded and we had a conversation Nicholas Custer - you and Eugene Manley are gonna make me start watching wrestling again Imam Baksh - I've been a wrestling fan for 8 years now. It's better today than at any time in those eight years. New wrestlers have come in over the last few years with excellent ability and personality and things feel fresh and the in-ring action is top-notch. Rent the DVD of the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV if you want an intro to the current state of WWE. Nicholas Custer - this is literally the first positive thing ive heard lately, everyone ive asked has said they're trying to fill in for the gap left by the attitude era of the late 90s/early 2000s Imam Baksh - The last 3 years have seen the emergence of a new wave of young talent. HHH took over talent development and went on a recruiting/development crusade. The previous head of talent development (generally held to be incompetent) got demoted 3 years back and eventually fired this year. Search youtube for anything with Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan or Wade Barret. And of course, CM Punk. Eamonn Byrne - Nicholas is right. Wrestling has been pretty poor since the Invasion angle of 2001. You're talking out of your arse Jumb. Imam Baksh - The poor period ended 2 years ago for me, about the time CM Punk did his suicide-dive Messiah bit and Daniel Bryan became US Champ. And I never said it's back to 2001 standards. I'm saying the right guys are here now to restart that level of fun and entertainment at WWE and they've been building that up over the last few years since the changes started. It's no different from say a sports team building up after getting a new coach: They usually have a few seasons of enjoyable play before they actually win a championship. I'd compare present day WWE to 95-97 WWE where they were on the tail end of a poor run after losing the 80's stars, but Austin, Mick Foley, the Undertaker and Vince McMahon the character were establishing themselves in the company with good work night after night. --------------------------------------------------------- Anyone here watch WWE? Are you an old fan who's sticking with it? A totally new fan like me who got into it recently after the glory years were all done? A fan from the 80s/90s who can't stand what these young kids are up to these days and doesn't watch anymore?
  2. Looks like it's really, actually gonna happen. This sounds promising!
  3. Talking to an 18 year old today, I was surprised to learn that his favorite show was 'Friends' and he's working his way through the seasons on DVD. I was also surprised at my own reaction in that I felt like Friends wasn't worth being anyone's favorite show. Which is weird because I watched it religiously back when it was airing on NBC and enjoyed it a whole lot. Looking at reruns today a lot of stuff feels forced and overacted, but not more than any typical sitcom, so it may just be a case of me feeling like I've grown past this. But then again, I still get a kick out of the Simpsons when they put in some effort, so maybe not. Friends has definite high points. The cast was likeable and charismatic. Some episodes remain classic just from the sense of fun they brought into things, especially the early ones (Apartment switch bet and the Blackout episode come to mind.) So what's your take? Is Friends holding up in your nostalgic recollections of the 90s? Are you a new fan who discovered it as a retro show? Got a favorite episode or story line or general memory? Things that you now realise were crap? Any cast member not pulling their weight?
  4. Ok guys, for a long time now I have been wondering about this. I don't know if it just me, but the hours in my day don't seem enough. And what I'm talking about is: how do you guys manage your time? I don't have nearly enough time to play all the games that I bought on Steam, all the comics that I buy weekly, and the movies that I buy/download. And always come to me as a choice. Should I do this or that? Of course, my kids and wife take precedence and most of the time in the afternoon I spend it with them. But Im interested, still, to know how you guys read/play games/ watch all the stuff that you acquire. And seeing the Hondo's Pick up post, I can see that the amount is no small potatoes. And yes, usually I sacrifice my sleeping time for gaming. Also, is the only time when I can really focus and be alone. So that. BTW, feel free to move this if someone thinks it involves all of the Hondonians and not only people who read comics and play games.
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