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Tyson goes for kickboxing in Japan?

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Tyson in K-1


bob_zapp.jpg Tyson's Opponent


Mike Tyson's next opponent might not be a titleholder. He might not be a hand-picked challenger, either. He might not be a boxer.


Last Thursday night, Tyson checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles to continue negotiations for a possible matchup with Bob Sapp, a 6-foot-5, 390-pound failed N.F.L. lineman, funeral-home worker and a star known as the Beast in the increasingly popular Japanese sport called K-1, a brutish, martial arts amalgam of karate, kung fu, kick boxing and tae kwan do.


Last Friday, Tyson pushed the reality of the bout closer, signing an exclusive management contract with K-1, a company based in Japan that uses the same name as the sport, thereby giving the promotional company the rights to handle a coming publicity tour for Tyson in Japan and other commercial endorsements in that country.


"I got nothing against Japan,'' Tyson said. "'Japan has always been respectful and courteous to me; and I've always been respectful and courteous to Japan.''



Appearently the article states that he will be making $4 million and a $200,000 bonus but other reports are stating that it will in fact be $25 million up front and he might demand a piece of the paperview's percentage. Don King is said to be involved as well.

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