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Van Halen in concert 9/6


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As a kid learning to play guitar, I used to listen to Van Halen non-stop and try to mimick his style. Needless to say, it was damn near impossible, but it was fun trying. IC remembers my jam sessions :pimp:.


Anynow, so Van Halen is coming to town for what will probably be their final tour ever. They've reunited with Sammy Hagar (www.cabowabo.com), so that's kind of a good thing. At least it's not Gary Charone but we were all hoping that David Lee Roth would've stopped being so burnt & come to his senses already.


Let me know if anyone wants to go. Tickets are around $85, but they're still giving lower deck seats last time I checked.



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That concert was OUT OF CONTROL!!!


I haven't had that much fun at a show in YEARS. Eddie hasn't lost a step at all. The whole thing was really great. They played a bunch of classics: Running With the Devil, Panama, Unchained (Dave's music), then they played most of the big hits that Sammy wrote. Really cool show.


Best of all, for $66 I got tickets that were perpendicular to the stage on the lower deck. So I got to see the band up close for a bargain price. Fuckin' rad! :D


I'm happy.

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