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Trinidad KO's Mayorga in 8


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Trinidad KO's Mayorga in the 8th


At least this comeback worked out for the guy. Mayorga's style, or rather total lack of style, and his mutant ability to seemingly absorb punches to the head for hours on end didn't last him long against Tito's repeated barrages to the jaw. Mayorga flaunted in the first round, was wobbly by the 3rd, faked a low blow for a five minute break in the 6th, came back, and ate canvas in the 8th three times in a row before the ref called the fight. Turns out my hunch was correct about Mayorga... he takes all those hits to the head because he can't take a shot to the body, which is exactly what dropped him the first time. Probably the only body shot Tito threw.


According to Compubox statistics Trinidad landed an astonishing 63 percent of his punches: 290 out of 460 thrown. Mayorga, in a stark contrast, landed only 25 percent: 141 out of 564. Power shots? More than enough here: combined both men threw 720 power shots and landed 346.



Things were all good here...


Here's where it started getting ugly.


See that chunk? That's part of his brain flying away.




the fuck...



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