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some unknown little wisconsin (i think) bands


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okay just got back from an I VOTED FOR KODOS concert like half an hour ago in the small town of richland center, wisconsin! okay i didn't see the whole show but most of it.


alright i'm gonna change it again. does anyone hate it when a band sounds amazing live but their cd sucks? i do.


okay here are some:


a gnarly swell -- i'd say a blend of nofx and bad religion with some outbursts of ska breakdowns (their cd kinda sucks)


zero to sixty never -- they were okay. a little over the top. sounded kinda like they were trying to be the used without as much screaming and with a keyboard. (i heart keyboards)


billy ray's pirates (brp) -- these guys were kinda lame. had a trombone player who did a little on his keyboard too. too much screaming for me. otherwise okay... IV4K wannabees.


i voted kodos -- rocked as usual. they're frontman (rick) is always such a fuckin prick after his shows though.. stardom has gotten to him and they're not even that big (that pisses me off too).


okay... nobody cares but i thought i'd share my thursday night experience with everyone :D

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