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Post any info, threads, links, info, etc on troubleshooting the problems on consoles.



PS 2 Troubleshooting Tech Page





What This PS2 Guide Will Fix


I know what the processes outlined in this guide will fix but I'm not quite sure what they won't fix. Here are some items that could possibly be fixed:

Just about any "Disc Read Error" should go away.

The PS2 will run cooler.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City "DVD Read Errors" and "Loading" errors should be eliminated.

Playstation 2 will stop getting stuck at the "Browser" screen.

Skipping should stop in some games and load times may even improve.

More DVDs and Playstation 1 games should work.

Loud tray opening/closing could be fixed.

Before you gather tools and begin, you might want to know what this process entails. You'll be opening up your Playstation 2 console and cleaning various components inside. Also you'll adjust the angle of the disc to the laser. Finally you'll check loose connections and clean the mechanism/track for opening and closing the tray. The whole process is very simple and assuming you have some easily acquired tools, the first time you try this it will only take a half hour or so.



Please refrain from throwing your shoe at the monitor. It will all be okay soon.

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