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Gay by Dawn


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At this 24 hr movie marathon I was at this past break, I saw a mini-movie that sent chills down my spine. This is the most terrifying movie in existence: Gay by Dawn.


G.B.D. (Gay By Dawn)


written by Sean Neil, Sam Rich, and Dusty Kohn

performed by Sean Neil and Sam Rich



(so you can sing along)


Brothers take arms against this threat

A fate that’s far worse than just death

A righteous man is always straight

He’ll stand behind you and there’s no escape

The chalice of bone is filled with the blood of saints

You’ll look at “bros before ho’s” in a whole new way

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

Gay by Dawn

You’ll be

Gay by Dawn

There’s no escape.

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