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24 : The Game


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24:The Game Trailer



Picked this up at Blockbuster for 10 bucks and a 2 dvd trade tonight. It’s not bad, it got slaughtered in the reviews, but that’s understandable given the hype of the 360 as of late and all games coming under fire as a result.


Gamepro even says:

24 manages to deliver a fair amount of fun for the money, even if it's not in the modern way you'd expect. Each hour of time is split into a few missions, featuring a wide range of objectives, many brought to life in unexpectedly fun mini-games, it turns out that defusing bombs, resurrecting hard drives, and hacking passcodes are most enjoyable moments in the game.


- how addicting this game is. There are tons of mission and they're all different types but equally fun. Graphics are amazing and the voiceovers are spectacular. Definitely worth the money, Can't wait until the sequel.



-the game was fantastic the graphics were exellent controls were easy to follow hats off to everyone who helped make this possible. For anyone who's a die hard fan of the show. Every aspect of the show was in the game, Very Cool.




Anyone who has played the Getaway series will like this game. The engine is similar to that and Syphon Filter games. You play as Jack and a few other operatives, in “commando” Navy Seal type missions against terrorits. The enemy AI is exactly like Killzone, in that there’s a shit load of bullets in the fray, and it’s an all out frenzy when they swamp you. Fortunately in this game ammo is everywhere though, and good use of cover make them pretty easy fare.







It’s pretty cool to see the cinematics split up into 2 and 3 subscreens like the TV epsisodes as well. The voice acting is awesome since the entire 24 cast is in it. The character models look just like their Real-Life counterparts and the animation is pretty sweet. This PS 2 Game was a “special Episode” that was written especially for the game. The driving is okay, it seems more along the lines of Spy Hunter, The getaway series and even the wart hog levels in Halo rather than GTA. Anyone who is a fan of this show should give it a go though.


Overall, the games tight, whether it's shooting/takedown mode, sniper mode and even the bomb diffusion and the driving...


- :cry::pimp::pimp::pimp:/5

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I forgot to add that, you can intreerogate suspects as well. The object is to nail them with a series of questions being both agressive and passive in order to get them to cooperate. This is achieved by keeping their "stess levels" in a comfort zone under a time limit, in order to elicit a confession/information etc.



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