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PC, X, PS2: Pro Race Driver


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Pro Race Driver


Well, this game provides a little more than your standard Gran Turismo simulator.


The point of this game is to give insight into the life of a professional racecar driver, specifically for Europe's DTM2 (Dutch Tourmaster's Championship - 2).  The game will try to incorporate an involved storyline along with incredible driving physics, great graphics, realistic tracks & cars, and ... gasp... a damage model for realistic car-impact damage.


Neat stuff.




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Ok, game review time again!


Downloaded this lil 100MB demo too. Showcases a smidgeon of storyline w/ 2 little races, pretty cool.


Gameplay - Driving is not as realistic as Gran Turismo 3, but it is fun in a slightly arcade sort of way. Mind you, there are simulation aspects of the game (you can adjust the wing angles, mod the suspension, gears...) but the game still plays kind of like a tuned up version of TOCA2 (another Codemasters game). Rear wheel drive cars will spin out if provoked, which is a nice touch.


Graphics - Fantastic! Mind you, I'm playing on a GeForce4, but my system is old as hell and it still looked really good. Major details into each car & track.


The first race is a trial run, you can beat the hell out of the car all day, just to get used to it.


The second run is cool as hell, you get to race a Supra Turbo against Corvettes, Lotus Elise's, and others. I liked it alot.


So, yeah, I'm getting it when it arrives.

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