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Cassel vs Cutler

Ron Hightower

Quaterback Controversy.  

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Matt Cassel



Jay Cutler


So heres what happened:


These past two weeks have been big for the NFL, because of all the free agents being signed to various teams. We (all 3 of us) know that Matt Cassel lead the New England Patriots to 11 wins this season in the absence of Tom Brady. Cassel stunned the football world, because the guy hadn't started a game since high school and was thought to basically be a clipboard holder (back-up) for the rest of his 'carrier'. Well Brady went down and the rest is history. Anyways..., Cassel became the most sought after free agent, period! With Brady coming back, it was in the Patriots best interests to trade Cassel for players or (daft) picks. They did just that and Cassel went to the Kansas City Chiefs for some pretty high picks in the draft (I believe a 2 and a high 2nd rounder). Where Jay Cutler comes in the mix is... apparently the Denver Broncos were also interested in Cassel and had thrown their hat in for him as well. How can they be shopping a QB when they already have Cutler? Well, that deal fell through and the Chiefs got Cassel. This pissed Cutler off, cause all all that other shit meant was they were trying to get rid of his ass. Now, Cutler's no slouch. The guy had a carrier season and he's still young! Anybody into fantasy football knows that Cutler is a beast! The only reason that the Broncos didn't make the playoffs was because their defense was horrendous. Cutler was so good that that didn't even matter half the time anyways! Anyways, now Cutler is so steamed that I wouldn't be surprised that he asks for a trade outta Denver. I'm just proposing this question (for all 3 of us) to see who you'd rather have...

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